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Will the Great Tribulation Begin in 2022?


“The mud is thick in no-mans-land, and on the downward side it has hardened into conformity. Conform or be conquered is what is happening there. And across this stretch that’s called the void or the “land of lukewarm” is quicksand that swiftly slurps the unsuspected to its depths. Move out and on to the upper side; ditch the vestige of self-desire, those broken wings, the way you thought it would be and all impossibilities. Out through the gate called tribulation, toss that knapsack aside and leave with Me this night. For out of the North Country the horsemen come, swift, assured of conquest, as the footmen fall beneath their self-possessed advance. Don’t stop, My loves, don’t look back; don’t falter or you will certainly fall. Look for Me now; I stand with those your brethren in the realm across the veil. The mist is clearing. Do not fear, for My intent will soon be clear. Hold hands; don’t let go. None must be lost as you make the dash across the wastes where no man should tarry.”

Prayer: “Oh Jesus, halt their march; delay their coming, for we are nigh to the open door. Break their advance, make them falter, or lift us up with keys one step sooner.”


Matthew 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

Prophecy: “2022 is the kick-off-year for the Great Tribulation…so prepare in spirit and flesh for this event. The false prophets and leaders of this world think they are heading into 2030 with their great reset and all that baloney, but they are wrong, wrong, wrong. Their time is up. Their boss knows it, but these ignorant, arrogant puppets of the devil know nothing but their own program. He gives them no insight into these matters of the spirit. They read the Bible but see nothing that alarms them; their eyes are blinded by pride. Pray and fast for this coming year is going to be torrid, so prepare in spirit for the biggest year this world has ever experienced. The Devil and his people have a lot lined up for 2022. He has almost pushed everything and everyone into place. He is almost ready, in only a few short months the waves will hit the sand castles of man.”

“As tribulation sweeps the globe, the real issues of life will begin to come into focus for a lot of people. It will be akin to a person being told they have some terminal illness and only have a short time to live. Suddenly their life snaps into perspective and they begin seeing things as they really are. The things that were important to them no longer hold their place, as they are pushed further and further back, being replaced by real issues. Those of My children who know Me and My Word will be the first to snap out of their stupor…many are even now beginning to realize something has changed and the world is not the same. They are beginning to awake from slumber; pray for these, for even in their unpreparedness I can mightily use them. Don’t put down the clarion I have placed in your hands. Keep calling; keep praying. They need your prayers. The hour is late, but not too late to rise and fight. The enemy is a liar; he will tell them that the hour to fight has past, and they should just forget it. Never, never, never is it too late to save your life and the lives of those around you. Quickly go to the market and buy oil for the darkest hour is just before dawn. Dawn is close and the enemy would have them believe that it is too late, liar liar liar. Blow and blow and blow that clarion, that horn of war. The enemy has overrun the world, but don’t just lie there to die in your bed of languishing.”

“The time of temptation has begun for many in this world; it is gaining momentum and nothing but My will can contain it. Yet I have not come to contain it; I have come to let it loose upon the world of unbelieving man, that they may be made accountable and that My children may pass through their hour of temptation, that they may be tried and made white in the fire. I know you are a man of peace, as I am, but we are not dealing with peaceful men here; we are dealing with criminals, violent men of war. They fight on the side of the wicked one, against Me and My kingdom. They will not be moved but by violence. It is coming, but first there must be an accounting; they must hear the indictment that I have brought against them. This has been the work of My prophets down through the ages of man, and so must it be in these last days. Be not afraid of their faces for I am with you to deliver you. I gave them space to repent of their fornication, and they repented not. Behold, I will cast them into a bed, and those that commit adultery with them into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill their children with death; and I will search the hearts and reins of all the churches in this land and I will give unto every one of them according to their works.”

(end of prophecy)

“I strongly believe the world is about to enter the tribulation. Many signs are pointing to this event, and rightly so –the Words of David have prophesied for years that these days would be soon upon us. Whether I am seeing things correctly, it matters not, because we owe our allegiance to Jesus and His Word, and His Word to the Children of David has always been to preach the Endtime message.

Due to vaccine/registration restrictions being applied to people all over the world, not just Jordan, but in every country around the globe, I believe we have come to a point of decision. I have made mine and you may have made yours; but if not, much sooner than later, you must. I pray this short reminder from the Words of David will help you find in you what this world desperately needs as it stands on the brink of tribulation. Many people in different countries are already facing tribulation over this vaccine issue; they need some light in the darkness. Many Christians are skirting around the possibility that the world could be entering the last days. This note is not to them; it is to those that have had the preparation and the call to be leaders in this time, those that the Lord called many years ago to be a light to those trapped in darkness.”

“When you pray in the power of the keys, it flips the switch that illumines your mind so you can see things in My Word you missed before.”

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    1. This the best revelation scrip for scrip illustration video compilation on youtube…taken from our You Tube channel…speaking of our Revelation series…thank you David for your letters…we love you

  1. Yes, we are in dark times, things are getting worse & worse. However, the Great Tribulation, which is clearly prophesized must be preceded by certain events, which haven’t happened yet. There’s not a ‘man of sin revealed,’ & has there been a 7 yr religious pact been made. I suggest you refresh yourself with some of the letters by David Berg. Also, our site,, covers some of the basic steps of the endtime before the second coming of Jesus. Things will get worse first.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment…yes what you are saying could be correct, however, as David Berg brought out in his part 4 series called “What If”…so…what if we aren’t seeing the whole picture yet…but in the meantime…prepare as it may be later than we think. If you’d like to take a look here’s a link to the 4 part series. GBY thanks again for your comment.

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