prophecy bites: a few hard questions from our savior

-What a wake -up call everyone is going to get!

-If you don’t know the Word of God, then you won’t be able to withstand the vaccine …let alone the Mark. You won’t know what the purpose of resisting is. You’ll think “What’s the big deal? It’s only a vaccine! It’s only a chip!”

-Only the Word will give us clarity, otherwise our resistance will weaken. “After all…what’s the fuss?  Is it worth it to make such a big deal? Is it worth it to resist? “Without the Word, you’ll lose the reason for it all and then… you will take it!

-Is my personal conviction worth dying for? But if I don’t take it, I can’t get a job. Either way I will die.

-If you don’t have the Word to hold onto, you will choose to live a bit longer and you will take it.

-Revelations 14 says if you take the Mark and worship the beast, you will go to hell.

-The road is straight, and it is narrow.

-If you want to be part of My kingdom, then follow.

-So the devil says the same. But do you want Bill Gates to push you around?

-So where will the strength to resist come from?… THE WORD.

-If you rebel against this, your calling, then you only have one choice.

-Your personal conviction won’t get you very far, especially when you and your family are hungry. You will cave in and take it!

-So what is the big deal? What does the word say?

-What if the vaccine is the chip or has the chip/s in it?

-Ever heard of micro-dust? Sit down and watch the final last chapters of “The Island”.

It’s only a vaccine…it’s only a chip

“Your personal conviction won’t get you very far, especially when you and your family are hungry. You will cave in and take it!”




Pharaoh is herding us toward the Red Sea. Can you part it???? Revelation 12 is on the horizon…and coming faster than you think. Think Keys!!





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5 thoughts on “It’s Only a Vaccine…It’s Only a Chip

  1. hello sir, im Dr.Javed Rauf from Pakistan, im very impressed to see the work. I couldn’t see any other email to contact you. I will be glad to hear from you as im leaving my email in this comment. we are interested to translate these video contents into our language.
    please let us know.

  2. I believe , once your saved by believing in Jesus,
    Then you are saved forever, no matter what!

    I just had a Beloved Friend , who loves Jesus Very Much, had to take the Vaccine to keep her work!

    I believe in this last msg you gave,
    So, I guess we have to Balance the Word now!!!

    Tks for all you do!!

    Eric B Goode 🙂

    • As we draw nearer the end, the opposing forces of good and evil will draw a line on the sand of man’s hearts and souls. Man will be forced to choose which side he will stand; every day we make choices for or against. All of creation is pushing toward this point. We were not left alone in these decisions; the Holy Ghost is with us, always leading our thoughts and hearts, and yes the Word of God directs us also, yet we often do not realize the gravity of those choices, yet it is ours to make. When asked about where all this is leading I often share with others the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the big deal about bowing down to an idol. Sooner than later this will lead us to something much deeper and infinitely more far reaching than just a vaccine or the mark, sooner than later.

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