it may be the last

“I am calling to My Children of David, and to many this will be the last cry. To those that sleep I cry ‘Awake!’ To those who sit in the dust reluctant to take up their swords, I cry ‘Chose ye this day!’ All are running out of time and the storm is no longer in the distance. It is here. The battles and trials I have been putting you all through have been intense because I must purge you and purify you and make you white before the time of the End. This is yet another warning unto you to put away childish things and all the things of the world. Do not play with them and keep them in the tent of your mind. You have been fighting to rid yourself of these things that would weigh you down or hold you back, these sins that would cause trouble in your camp. Each day you must keep forsaking, darling, and coming out from the world. You must dedicate yourself to Me and come in unto Me daily to be cleansed and purified by My love, or these trinkets of the enemy will cling to you and you will cling to them. They are a sin and an abomination unto Me. Consecrate yourself and keep your heart clean before Me. Do not keep any unconfessed sins or disobediences in your heart that would sit and fester and cause harm to yourself and also your camp. Do not hold onto things that I have asked you to let go of, but be free from the chains of the enemy. As I take you, My children, deeper into this Endtime, I will require more of you in your life and walk with Me. I am asking for greater dedication, greater commitment, greater obedience. If you want to follow Me and be used of Me in this Endtime, then you’re going to have to forsake all; all your worldly ways and mindsets, your selfishness and your own wishes and wants. These are the things of the world; the spoils of the world and you must rid yourself of them. Of course I’m not asking for perfection but I am asking you to keep fighting and keeping your heart right with Me and your mind on the right thing because where your treasure is there will your heart be also. Do you treasure the things of this world more than the things of My spirit? Are you hiding them in some part of your heart? My love, you have not been called to be a part of this world, but I have called you out and I have set you apart. Stand up and be counted among the Children of David. Being elite is a road of sacrifice and forsaking. I am not forcing anyone to be one of My elites, but for those who choose this path, I will hold you to your word and I will require much from you. This is what you have chosen so hold not back but give Me all.” (End of prophecy)

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“Now they had said, “Ai is just a little city; we’ll just send up a couple of thousand men.” And they got defeated! Why? because of sin in the camp!”



The Great Deception

“Watch the keys draw the line and build an inseparable difference between you and the world, as you call on their power.”