prophecy bites

“I want to help you be filled with Light. I wish to teach you how to focus on the power, how to focus on the Light and not on the darkness that surrounds you. I want to so fill you with Light that the darkness will not be able to lay its hands on you, lest it be burned and seared by the White Fire of God! I wish to place this ball of fire—which I hold—into your being, your spirit, so that it may consume the chaff and stubble of carnality that still lingers in your mind. I want to make you into the Pillars of God, the Pillars of Fire that led the Children of Israel through the Red Sea, through the wilderness, and into the Promised Land of the Spirit World. For ye must lead this people of the end, this last generation of the world who float along in the dark waters, who will soon be consumed by the sea serpent, that snake who has been let loose on this world, that piercing serpent who wishes to pierce and prick and jab all the inhabitants of the earth with his needles and injections and his so-called vaccinations—his Mark.” Lucerne




The Wine Cellar

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