Prophecy bites

“Time moves on, sweet love; time moves on. All the different little lines still out in the water will be brought in before the first 2021 wave hits your vessel. It has started in the great “sea” as a deep-sea earthquake. In the darkest depth of the deepest trench, the underworld has heaved a sigh of relief. “At last,” they say, “we are free to destroy and make waste this creation of our most bitter enemy.” At that heave, the earth beneath the sea of humanity convulsed and the shock wave that raced through the world created the first end -of-days wave. It is soon to hit your country; so batten down the hatches, My serious sailors. Lash yourselves to the Main sail. I, My Words and the Keys are the mainstay in your lives. Only they will keep your vessel into the wind, which is an advance guard running wildly before the wave. Wave, wind and tempest are upon the world and soon to hit your shores. Many will fall as the first shock waves hits the land. Keep getting out My Word to the undecided, to the ignorant, to My church of unbelievers that have been lulled to sleep at the sirens of pastors and priests and so-called men of God. They only know the god of this world; My Word has been made of none effect in their lives. The wave will catch many unaware, but not totally, because you My dear wives and missionaries have been on the front lines giving warning to this world. So brave on; be bold and go once more down to the land of lost dreams and hopes. They have put their trust in false prophets and have therefore dreamed false dreams. They have been deceived by a lying spirit sent by Me, for they received not the love of the truth so have fed deeply of the lies and deceptions of the wicked one. Like a bucket of cold water, the wave will shake them to the very foundations. Be ready with the lifelines,  men, the survivors will be scattered at first, but as the realization of what has happened begins to permeate the hardness of their hearts many more will come to you for the answers that they should have come for long before. But such is the way of worldly man, they do not sense the danger until it is too late and many go down with the ship as the music of their world plays a doleful melody, a sad song indeed, more like a funeral dirge as the world they once cherished and strove for so meticulously perishes under the frigid waters of the end of days.”




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