prophecy bites

“It’s an overload of knowledge that brings on an anxious worry of never being prepared enough. So, in the end, you do little but sit in the grandstands watching others take their lives to a frenzy level beyond anything I want you to do in your life at this time.

What is the way in which you should go, and how do you get there? .. depends on what I’m doing in your life, and where I want you to be to do it.  You have nothing to do with Joe blow the whistle, or Ivan insider info. Yes, it can & may get that bad, but what is that to you?  You know it’s true what Stephen sent you here, “How does it make you feel when you come away from watching these who take up so much time?”  It’s beyond comprehension, the information coming at you; no wonder the state of their nations have you locked in their grid.  Do I want you spending more time listening to them than you do to Me in your pnp time? Is your spirit moved to go and tell the world what you have learned in order to help a lost soul, or does it make you want to prep more, buy more, hide more, or become selfish with those who need you? “

Submitted by Robin



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