Heading into the Millennium …Professionals Needed

Your faith is what will overcome the world, My loves, and now is the time when you will need that faith. So do not dread the tests. Look at them as steppingstones to victory, hurdles that you must cross, strength training for the big race. You will need it soon.”

Personal Prophecy:

Spirit helper: “Yes, your faith in the Keys will see you through this ending Earth era and into the New World to come. Study hard now and practice using the Keys, putting them to the test at every turn  for any situation, no matter how small. The more you learn how to use the Keys now, the better prepared you’ll be for how things will operate in Jesus’ Kingdom that’s about to take over. He (Jesus) needs people that are in tune, on-the-ball and ready to listen and receive the things He’s saying. He needs leaders to help Him run things, and the more trained and professional they are, the better. In other words, the more practiced they are at using the tools He’s put in place – like the Keys, the easier it will be, because they will be in sync, in the know. They will have put on the mind of the King and will know what He wants.  Therefore, they will be more prosperous and fruitful, a bigger help and better servant for the Millennium. Just think about all these Christians that haven’t learned anything.  Do you think they are going to be put in charge, or be placed in stations of authority? No, they will have to be, to their humiliation and embarrassment, put into basically the same class as all the other worldlings –A class of “back to the basics”. How humiliating it will be for some, especially those who HAVE had this truth and HAVE had this opportunity to get ready, but rejected it, spurned it, and chose a mess of pottage over their massive, incomprehensibly vast heritage.”


Video: Green Door

“The keys can cut through the flimsy lies of the Devil, who begs you to spend time on temporary, transitory pastimes instead of eternally important activities.”

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