USED deep things of the spirit

My Words Will Not Return unto Me Void

“I have saved the deep things for you–the miracles, the revelations, the power, the healing, the understanding, the intimacy, great faith, great boldness, hearing clearly My voice in prophecy, the anointing of being My Endtime leaders of the world. This is reserved for you. The task before you, My Family, is reserved as your specific chosen calling. You will fulfill the verse, “Greater things than these shall ye do.” This is what I will call you to do. These Endtime passages that you’ve read about those who do miracles and exploits are for you–you upon whom the ends of the Earth have come.”

Personal prophecy:

 Jesus: “Primarily you, My brides, will be the ones with the most power in the Endtime, because you have partaken of the most feeding, most powerful, most potent Word on this Earth today. Because you have been in training, I can use you. It’s as simple as that. I have all My Children hidden away right now, all in their respective training camps. I am, right now, raising the bones and preparing this army of elites, this dormant cadre of super soldiers! When the time is right, I will turn all your activation keys and let you all loose on this world, and together we will win it and conquer it for the Kingdom! Believe Me when I say that none of My Words will return unto Me void, especially not these great Words of David, these living Words of prophecy that I have so abundantly given you. You are the Elite because I have trained you so.”


Video: The Keys Are Our Wilderness

“The keys of conviction will wash away all the flimsy justifications the Enemy would try to tempt you with, so you can keep your spiritual guard up and be awake and aware of the spiritual warfare.”




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