USED old wine skin

Now is the Time for New Direction

“Right now your faith is small. You’ve used it and exercised it, but it’s tiny in comparison to the potential, in comparison to the need. That’s why I have emphasized to such a degree the gift of faith that I’m giving you, and the keys of the Kingdom, which, if you have the faith to use them, will unlock all the power of Heaven itself.”

Personal prophecy:

Jesus: “The Keys are the start, the way into all the other weapons. Without the keys, you could use the New Weapons—prayer, praise, prophecy, etc. But you wouldn’t really be able to go any deeper, because I have placed barriers, doors, or portals in the New Weapons that can only be accessed by the Keys. So as you go along, learning and studying more about the Keys, they will reveal to you more about the New Weapons, and then in turn, you will understand even more on the Keys. They’re linked—all of them are interwoven with the Key codes that are waiting to be unlocked and understood. They are waiting to show you more about themselves. When you’re reading about or using the New Weapons, stay open for I may have a Key that I wish to reveal to you, and that key may take you to another key and then that other key will open a door to something else, and on and on it goes! There is so much yet to learn and discover, so stretch your faith, stretch your wineskins and come and be filled with My New Wine.”


Video: Revelation 15-22

“Claim the keys of courage to follow what I tell you, even when all your peers seem to be doing the opposite, and you will stand strong in My power and anointing.”

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