“Keeyp” Powering On

“Each specific key is like a little window into the spirit world. And even if you can’t see it or sense it, you are letting My power into your realm. My magic power comes in and does its work.  If you call on the key of healing, healing is taking place, if you call on the key of open doors, the doors are being opened. There is always action when you call on the keys. It might not always be exactly as you expected or in the way you are asking, but something is happening. All the power is building up. You are using the smaller keys in the smaller locks and eventually there will be an explosion of My awesome power

The key, My loves is to rise above the flesh. The flesh is so ever-present. It gets tired, it gets sick, it gets hungry, it suffers so many trials. The spirit of this world is so heavy and it drags you down. But you can rise above it all with the keys. You can keep your eyes on Me and have a touch of the Heavenlies with the keys. They are keys for opening. They open the spirit world to you. They are like the light that shows you the way when everything is pitch black.

They are like small little handles, you can hold them in your hand and in your mind, you can use them by calling on them. You can’t hold the whole Bible or all the Word in your hand or mind at once. But you can hold a key. And so I have given you these keys because they are a like a little access code. A little code or a little key can give you access to great power and riches.

When you use them, you are showing faith in My Words, you are showing faith in Me and what I have given you. And so the power flows, the light pierces the darkness, the miracles of supply happen, the healing power is given, the strength to endure is poured out all of this through these tiny little keys. They are like a password to an account. Those who have the password have access to all that is in the account, like those who have a password to a bitcoin account.

It’s because of your love and faith that you hold these keys. Like I have told you before, not anyone can use them. They only work for those who are My brides and those who love Me and have faith in the Words that I have given them. For you who love Me and serve Me, they are a link to all of My love for you and all the power I would work on your behalf. They are a gift I have put into the hands of My loving loyal bride. I know you will see the value and appreciate this gift I have given you, this key that I have put in your little hand. The more you use these keys, the more they become part of you. That keys sinks into your hand and becomes engraved there. Then whenever you raise your hand you are wielding key power. It’s like the key promise, they also become incorporated into your mind and then your thoughts become key powered swords that can cut the enemy and his lies to pieces. The keys can become part of every fiber of your spiritual being.” (Jesus Speaking)



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