Jesus Speaking:

Call, My loves; call for the final key. For you, My children, are at the door. Yes it is time, indeed it is time. Look at your watch (The Watch)…see how late it is. I now know that you will not turn back, for you are committed to the cause of David and to the fulfillment of prophecy. Each little decision to yield and each little decision to say yes have been like the small keys spoken of in the Assembling of the Final Key. It is My promise to David that to his children will I give the honor to slip the last little key into the massive final key that will release the power that will be required to finish the final act of the final play of this era. The end must come. I have been waiting for your obedience, your simple childlike faith in the Words of David. I have not been waiting for the mighty or strong, not the Saul’s but the David’s, those that know they are nothing and nobodies. Even now, as you stand before Me, you see yourselves as nothing special, no one of significance, just street missionaries, going about with pieces of paper like insignificant newsboys and girls, performing what you believe to be your Master’s bidding. I will not lie unto David. I will not turn My back on My promises to him. If you will but obey and do your best to fulfil the Words of David, I will hand you the final little key that, when slipped into place, will begin the greatest show of power this world has ever seen.

Read the prophecy “Assembling the Final Key” and you will see that I have reserved this moment in history for you, not you, but you –you of the children of David, who through obedience to My Word, come to the place where you now stand. What are you but worms? –but it is through your obedience and faith that this key is now being placed in your hands. Go now, and in spirit, insert the key that lies in your hand. For I tell you plainly that the hour is upon the world, the hour that all creation, since the beginning of time has groaned in anticipation for.

This is the hour of your destiny; this is the hour that your faith and obedience have brought you too. This is your commission, and this is My promise to David and to his children. It is almost finished. In performing this task for Me, one more mate hath found its fulfillment. Doubt not. Be not faithless, only believe. Go and do. Sound the trumpet! Sound the charge! Insert the key, and it will begin. I stand on My Word, and I cannot lie.

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“Read the prophecy “Assembling the Final Key,” and you will see that I have reserved this moment in history for you, not you, but you –you of the children of David.”


Keys are Our Wilderness

“When you call on the keys, the powers of evil lose their sway; sin, disease, and fear give way. Satan’s power cannot withstand the power of the keys!”





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