…and into the realm of the impossible

“The carnal mind fights, absolutely fights, against the Spirit of God. That’s what is happening in your minds and why you are facing these questions‚ dear friends of Mine. The carnal mind just cannot understand the things of the spirit. The things of the spirit don’t make sense to the carnal mind. They seem illogical, wrong, off on a tangent, and unreasonable. In some ways it shows that you are still children in spirit. But that’s okay. I understand. I lived on Earth and I often had to reconcile the difference between the spirit and the flesh. I too had to make that leap of realizing that the spiritual had to have dominance in My life because I was going to live eternally in the spiritual world, the real world, whereas the physical world was just for a time. So My Father helped Me to make the leap and to live in the spirit whilst upon Earth. You are having trouble making that leap away from your carnal mind and living the principles I’ve asked you to live in the spirit.

In the carnal world, things are solidified into categories. If you are thinking in your carnal mind, it doesn’t make sense. I want you to make the leap. No, you don’t have to make it, and I will still love you if you choose not to. But I want to make the point clear that if you don’t make the leap into the mind of the Spirit, well, you have done just that-you haven’t made the leap out of your carnal mind. I’m not condemning you for this‚ but you do, for your own sake, need to realize that you are being led by your carnal mind in that decision. So if you don’t make the leap of faith into the spiritual mind, it is very important to realize that you are choosing the carnal mind to think and view things from, and that there is a world beyond it that is completely different. The spiritual realm is true; it has another dimension to it that you just can’t understand in your natural, carnal mind. It’s very important for you to realize this truth, otherwise you open yourself up to strong delusion; you start believing something that isn’t true in order to justify your choice in your thinking. It’s simply important for you to know that there are worlds beyond your carnal mind that are open to you if you want to grow and take that leap. It’s difficult, I understand. But it’s very possible, and if you make that leap you will receive strength of the spirit that will be like meat to your growth, adding muscles for the times you have ahead of you. That’s one reason I’ve invited you into this realm of the spirit even now while you’re in the flesh, because by doing so it will be like working out with weights and growing your muscles so that the battles ahead will be easier for you.

So will you ever be comfortable leaving your carnal mind behind? Yes, for sure. Here on Earth? That depends on how much you get out of your carnal mind. Normally the more you do it and the less you think about it, the more you get used to it and the less hold your carnal mind has on you to demean the things of the spirit. If you are quite bound by your carnal mind, then of course it will fight against this. So in a major way how comfortable you become has to do with how much you let go of your carnal way of thinking and yield to My Spirit. That’s the way it always is, isn’t it? It’s got to be by faith, because the carnal mind fights against the Spirit, so the only way into the Spirit is by the vessel of faith. The carnal mind simply cannot get there, and if you are trying to reason it out in your carnal mind, you will not get there. There’s a gap between the spiritual reality and your carnal mind, and the only entrance way there is by getting into the vessel of faith and making that step or leap of faith, whatever it is to you. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a step or a leap, because the vessel of faith can bridge that gap no matter how big it is.

(Like the vehicle in “The Crash” letter) The main point is that it takes faith. Your own carnal thoughts and reasoning will never bridge the gap. That’s a big step, because it’s not only your mind you’re leaving behind in preference for Mine, but it’s your pride too. Can you do that? It’ll be a bolster for you if you can, meaning you’ll be stronger in the spirit and more capable of tearing down the Enemy’s strongholds if you are not held back by your carnal mind and your pride.

“So if you don’t make the leap of faith into the spiritual mind, it is very important to realize that you are choosing the carnal mind to think and view things from, and that there is a world beyond it that is completely different.



“When a change requiring a metamorphosis of your spirit and mode of operation-call on the power of the keys. They will re-create and fashion your spirit after Mine, causing a new creature to be born from the shell of the former.”



And that’s what I’m doing-creating spirit warriors out of you. The spiritual Endtime war is going to take place on Earth. The spiritual world is merging with the physical, therefore it is of utmost importance that My warriors are filled with My Spirit, that their minds become receptacles of My mind, and that you are filled with and possessed by Me. If you cannot yield your carnal mind to these inexplicable, non-understandable things of the Spirit, then you are not letting My Spirit have full control. You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, your entire mind, and all your strength. If you are holding back some of your mind because you want to understand before you believe and trust; then you aren’t giving your mind over to My control. It’s going to be important for Me to have control if you want to be used to the full‚ especially in certain battles with the Enemy where My mind can dominate and defeat him but yours can’t. In those battles, if I don’t have adequate control and possession, he will be able to outsmart you because that’s his realm-the carnal mind-and if you haven’t gotten over the little hurdles presented by your carnal mind and you haven’t gotten used to going deep into My mind, then there are battles that he will be able to win against you and which I therefore cannot use you in. It’s as simple as that. I can use you for certain things, but when it comes to the big games I’ll have to put you on the bench and call in My first string.-Not first string because they are better than you, but because they have yielded all to Me and are going in with My full capabilities. (The Philly brides) One other point that has also been mentioned before: You should remember that when My first disciples heard that they had to eat My body and drink My blood, it didn’t make sense to them. They just couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t reasonable. And those who were stuck in their carnal mind in the way they thought about it, and couldn’t get it in the mind of My Spirit, left and walked no more with Me. Those who stayed on had to take it by faith, that somehow, because of everything else they knew about Me, this must have some truth in it, although they couldn’t perceive it at the moment. They chose to hang on by faith anyway. I’d like you to believe by faith even if you can’t see the reasoning behind it all. But again, that choice is up to you. At some point you’ll have to choose either the carnal or the spiritual mind. So choose well, My loves. I need all the warriors I can get, and your rewards will be unfathomable. I love you. From the One Who loves you most of all.” (Our Patient Lover: Questions and Answers on Loving Jesus [#3559])

Taken from the Podcast: “And Jesus Passed Thru”


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