With the Keys in Hand

“As you enter the Time of the End in earnest and the Endtime scenarios start to befall you, you will see clearly how desperately you will need the keys of the Kingdom. You will not make a move without them. Right now, without having those very desperate situations always before you, you can’t always see how you can practice‚ but you do need to sharpen your skills in order to be ready for the Endtime game.”

Prophecy July 17, 2022

“You are now living in a new reality. The world and the people of the world are not the same. The world has changed and the people in the world have changed along with it. Simple childlike faith has all but disappeared. The Laodicean church is the world. Those that call themselves by My name are not who they say they are. With double heart do they speak; they serve Me with their lips but not with their hearts. The reality, My loves, is that there are very few of My true spiritual children living by faith today. They have either gone back into the world or never knew Me. If they knew Me, then would not this world be a different place? If My true children were given opportunity to go back from whence they came, they would not take it. Instead My true children look for a city, whose maker and builder is God. They look for a better world and refuse to become part of this present world. My true children fight daily to hold on to their faith. They do not look to the world for their daily bread; they look to My hand. The children of the world see no option but the way of the world, the broad way. They see millions following this path and they follow them. My true children see Me standing at the crossroad when they rise each morning and choose to follow Me that day. My true children do this every day they rise from the bed. The children of the world choose the ways of the world, the ways of the flesh. Some pray and ask for My blessing on their day, but they do not listen or ask for My direction for the day they are about to enter. They have their agenda set, and they are following that path and expect Me to follow them throughout their day blessing their endeavors. These ones do not live a miraculous life. They live a mundane life, a life that is dictated by the wants and needs of the flesh and the desires of their heart.

Keep calling, My dearest brides. Keep calling on the Key of Ezekiel 37, and they will rise. They will awaken. They will receive My anointing and spirit. I will have My army on the field for these final days of the end of this era. My will marches on, but your prayers are what turns the Key to the door that will open to the new era. I know you have been praying. I know you have been turning the Keys in obedience to the Word that you have been given. I am asking you to continue obeying My voice and the calling Keys of destiny for you and your loved ones and the world. Pray more; make your life a life of prayer. Whenever you can, wherever you can, pray and the Final Key will gain speed and momentum.”


Each time you use the keys, you become more heavenly minded, more dependent on the spirit. The byproduct of this is that you become more in love with Me, more closely joined to Me‚ more in tune with Me.


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