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Passing the Endtime Milestone


(Jesus speaking:) Behold, the time has come! This is not just a time of looking forward to the future, for the future is here. Nor is it the day of biding your time and wondering when the events predicted will begin to happen, for this day marks the beginning of some of them and is a mile­stone for My Endtime disciples.

Jesus Speaking: “As the needs arise, I provide the power you require. I’ve seen the Enemy begin to arm himself with high-tech weapons of the future, for he has seen that the time is right, and is beginning to make his moves.
I have waited for a long time, patiently waiting, as have you, for years and years and decades, as the Enemy of your souls has bided his time, looking for the precise moment to make his first move. And I have noticed a stirring in his camp, an arrangement of pieces on the chessboard. I’ve seen him begin to pick his weapons, even high-tech weaponry of the spirit with which to control and manipulate the powers of the world.

He has begun by joining them all in one interlinked system. His first foot forward has been an economic link. And though the eventual end will be to unite the world politically and governmentally, the forerunner of these is economic unity, economic dependency, whereupon he will build the rest of his structure, and whereupon if any one player desires to pull out, he will sink and be eliminated from the great game.



The powers that be in the world realize this. They realize that he has made his first move, and that if they’re to be included in the grand finale, they must throw in their lot with him. And so it is that they all begin to line up, one by one, in their places, vying for the most important places with the most power–nation vying against ­nation, economic power vying against economic power, for the best positions to play the final game. Greed is the motivating force urging the powers that be to follow his lead. For what will not a man do for his life? And what will not the powers that be do to retain their place and power?
As I see the economies of the world begin to unite and their leaders and rulers vie for power and position, I realize that this puts pressure on you, My Endtime children, as you wonder how you will survive. Therefore I have given you this greater anointing of faith which will empower you to make use of the systems of the world in order to get your bread and water. You will have no fear, and you will eat of the fat of the land, for I have provided for you a place in the wilderness where you will be nourished for a time, and times, and the dividing of time.
Therefore you don’t have to worry about your own nourishment or your own safety. The mighty doors will open at the right time, and you will walk in unhindered and untouched. I will provide for My Own.
As the economies of the System tighten, unite, and synchronize, I will provide ways of abundance for you to continue to operate. I will provide ways for you to obtain all that you need from the Devil’s ugly System. With Me, nothing shall be impossible, and you’ll be able to thank Me for that loaf of bread, even if the Devil did bring it.
You will find ways to operate within the System as though you were a part of it, and I will give you the faith to call down powers of protection and supply from the Devil’s System that hates you. For I will blind them to your spirit, and as they look on the flesh they will perceive in their own minds that you are one of them, not knowing all the time that you are Mine.”

(More on the Keys, What the future holds Part 3)


July 14, 2022–Prophecy: The Hour Is Late. Come Inside

“The hour has come; it is upon you. Come inside. The people of this world have lost the fear of God. They have put their trust and faith in the things and systems of this world. These are their gods. Oh Israel! These are the things that they worship and adore and live their lives for. These things are what pleases them and pleasures them. They are as cheap as the trinkets that they adore. They do not retain Me in their thoughts or hearts. It is man worship, country worship, leader worship, boss worship or self worship. It is everything that I despise. I can no longer bless this world. My desire is to bring this idolatry to its end. So bring their cup before Me through your prayers that I may pour it out upon them, upon their heads and countries and systems. It is time; the end has come, and I have stepped back. The time of harvest is upon this world. I will remove the remaining faithful from harm’s way and then the towers will fall. Take up the Keys, My faithful of the End. Warn those that you come in contact with; tell them of the coming calamity. Wash your hands of their blood, for every man must choose to listen and obey. The signs are there for all to see; those that are blind will remain blind. Pray for your brethren in the world to wake to the sound of alarm. The ship is going down, down into the depths of the dark sea of perdition.

Set yourselves as a lighthouse in the stormy seas, shining out a warning to the ships looking for a safe harbor. Guide them into port, be a safe house for them during the stormy night ahead. Be strong in Me and in the Keys of the Kingdom. Use them, live in them and allow them to live in you by using them constantly. The Keys will see you through the darkest parts of the night. They will be your light; they will be your guide. They will be your strength when your flesh can no longer stand.”






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