“It is so important for you to exercise your faith so that in the days to come you will be ready to work the great miracles that are promised you.”

 “Faith is the key to the fulfillment of many of My promises, which is why it’s so important that you turn this key actively and fervently, even when you don’t feel pressed to.”

“To live in faith does not mean that there are what you might consider great manifestations of faith in your life on a daily basis. Those great manifestations of faith come about because you’ve been living in faith on a daily basis. Living in faith means living My Word.”

“While there are things that come up in your lives and situations that require faith and prayers of faith, and many of you do rise to those faith challenges and are blessed as a result, it’s easy to allow faith to become a response or a resulting action rather than a lifestyle.”

“Within each of you is a large measure of faith. This faith has been storing up within you since the moment My words first entered your heart. That reservoir of faith has grown through each challenge, each experience, each test, and each drop of New Wine received since becoming part of My army.”


Faith: The key to the fulfillment of promises!



Revelation 15-22

“If you dread facing another day, claim the power of the keys and I will turn your hopelessness into eager anticipation to face any challenge.”