Your Heart Is An Urn…Pour it out

(Jesus speaking: )  Beloved, faith will be tested in the fires. Yes, you must walk through fires to see how you will react. It must not be made all that easy, or it would not be a test.

Tests of faith and tests of love gain the greatest scoring points for they try you to the limit. You are going through these trials of faith—to see if you will hold to My Word and not discard it for something false that seems easier to hold and shinier to have but isn’t real. And tests of love—to see if you will love though it costs you all you ever thought you held. Will you give up your self-ambitions or esteem in the eyes of others, because you believe love is the greatest element ever given to mankind?

Who do I want you to be?

What sort of vessel of love are you to be on earth? Are you living it, no matter who or what tries to stop it?

Give my love, though it costs you everything. I did, and so must you.

And what is love? Giving. Pure and simply put, to love is to give. Are you giving? Are you giving in ways that cost you a heap more than you thought it would? Then that is true love. If something is only making you feel good without any cost whatsoever, there is a chance that pride and rebellion to the true ways of love are mingled in.

If it costs more than you get, then you will be repaid in the next life. Love always costs. No, it’s not just about who can make whom feel happy and pleasant, but all loving costs—either those who give it, or those who are allowing the love to be given.

So be not surprised or disheartened by the cost that sometimes comes along with it. This is the sign that true love is being exchanged.

And when the cost comes, and you feel the pain of wishing for something that can’t be yours at the time, because a feeling of love has made your heart its home, then turn in to My bosom and let Me fill your heart again and again with words of encouragement. It’s a sign that you need Me in the form of My Word. My Word, fresh and alive, always gives joy and will top you up again and give you stamina to carry love’s torch to the end of the line.

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“Do you need to be something that can be held, looked at, examined, analyzed, and solid in a certain structure? Am I? Nope. I move. I flow. I too cannot be held and examined by the small minds of mankind.”


Sucker For Love

“No matter what the situation, the answer is love, and the keys bring love.”