Jesus with Mary and Martha

the word in a human frame

(Spirit helper speaking: ) With the technology that is around today, it’s easy to lose the personal touch. Remember what Brother Andrew said about the believers he’d dare to visit at great personal cost, leaving mate and children to do so. The fact that he came to them in person meant far more to them than a mere bit of Godly knowledge he might have been able to pass on. For the Word delivered in a human frame is a powerful way to pass on a bit of My spirit.

You can’t say that you love someone if all that you do is send them texts, rather than your very self.

Was the written Word for mankind enough for all time? Or do you need something more tangible? That’s why Jesus had to come to Earth, for the personal touch; otherwise a book would have been enough. But people need people. “Man should not be alone.”  [Note: And in the end, “God Himself shall dwell with them…”]

Genesis 2:18–And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

Revelation 21:3–And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

How easily a book can be tossed aside, but the memory of what someone actually did for you is remembered long, long after the event occurred. Actions surely speak louder than words.

Think of all the religions in the world, they have to have a figure, a person or being of some sort as the focal element. Even though that person may be long, long gone, the words keep being enacted because there was some being that represented it and lived it.

So it is with the Gospel. It needs to be spread by actual people bringing it, because that is the way it started—by the Savior coming to Earth to start its spread. That is what being a “Christian” really is all about—people bringing the Gospel and showing it in real ways. It’s not only about “the Words” but about living it and having it change the way you live—the way everyone on this world lives.

Are you willing to go and do and preach and tell, not just pass on facts but to show the Word in living form? If you believe, then you do, and when you do, and you are around others who wish to learn, that knowledge—the living, practical lesson of what to do and how to do it—is passed on.

How would young, really young children ever learn if they didn’t have a parent right there with them showing them? Later when they can read, they can learn more, but still, it always helps to have someone right there, teaching them in practical ways.

So the “hands on” approach, being there with and for each other, is always the most powerful way, and yields the best and most long-lasting fruit.

Take for example your experience with living the new wine right at the place it was being poured down, as opposed to those who only got the printed material and had to try to experiment with what they thought it was saying. Sometimes it was a hit-and-miss thing. If those who learned it could have gone out to teach others for a while, this would have borne a heap more fruit.

And so it is with you today, you need to be there, in person, showing and telling and living the new wine. Only then will it take proper effect. How can you “apply” the Word of God unless you have “applied” it on the person you are trying to help? And how can it be “applied” on them unless you are there, in person, for the most part?

Hold not back for fear, for the day you do is the day your fruit starts to wither.

You’ve got to go. It’s what a believer does. Go where? To the church each week only? No—unless you are able to truly minister there. But go to whoever calls out and needs you.

“A book can be easily tossed aside and forgotten, but the memory of what someone actually did for you is remembered long, long after the event occurred. Actions surely speak louder than words.”


you begin this charge

“Do you want to be a reflection of Me to the lost? Then call on the key of indwelling and your way of thinking will become more like Mine, and My reactions and example will become your natural reactions and example.”





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