how to survive the storm… Loving Jesus as His Bride

For as the dark days ahead come upon the Earth as a strong storm, so must these at that time know how to communicate with Me, how to hear My voice. They must learn and know how to hear the whispers of My Spirit in their ears. The way for them to learn this is to spend time with Me in the bed of love listening to Me. (Loving Jesus Revelation Pt. 1)

jesus wants to protect us from the bad

They must let Me whisper unto them Words for these days. They must hear from Me fresh day by day. They must learn to rejoice at My voice as they would rejoice at the voice of their lover, and they must take time for My caresses and My Love. (Loving Jesus Revelation Pt. 1)


be full to overflowing

“So if you want to know how to have Jesus shine through you so others will see Him instead of you, the answer is, spend time with Him! Spend time in His Word, in prayer, in praise, in lovemaking with Jesus. Just get full of Jesus!–So full that He oozes out of you!–Through your eyes, through your mouth, and through your spirit. Be full to overflowing! Speak His Words, think His thoughts, give His Love! You’re His–His Bride–so spend time with Him! Love Him and He will bless you beyond measure!” (Maria Fontaine)

stop look listen

Oh, that My children everywhere would learn to stop, to look, to listen, to hear My voice, to seek My will, that they may know that which they should do day by day, hour by hour. For I will lead them and I will guide them if they will diligently seek Me, even as I lead and guide you as you cry out to Me for My answers and My direction. (Loving Jesus Revelation Pt. 1)



my big motor

Your little motor is very weak, but My grand motor has power that you know not of! And if you will let Me empower you with My motor, the power of My Spirit, you will have strength that you never dreamed possible, for you will operate in the strength and power of God, empowered by the motor of My Spirit, to take you to places you never imagined!

your small motor

(Vision:) Accompanying this, there was a little picture of our motor, which was like one of those tiny battery-operated motors they have in toys. And next to it was God’s motor, which was like a huge turbine engine about two stories tall. There is absolutely no comparison between the two! (Loving Jesus as His Bride)



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