Blue and Gold wave


 (Bride speaking: ) Oh, King of Love, how can I bestow my affection upon You in so full a manner as to make a difference and measure up in any form to the love bestowed on me from Your hand? I can never, not ever, return it unto You in so great a manner. But, till the end of my days, may You grant me the ardency, the dedication, to give You everything that I’ve got, each moment of my life, from this point on.

Make me such a one who holds nothing back from her Lord, but loves to the greatest degree possible. Yea, may I give up meaningless trivial frills and thrills in order to embrace the eternal, in order to embrace all that Your hands carry. To forsake the world and to take You—oh You who owns the Earth, the world, all that it contains, the universe, beyond. It is not a petty trade.

Grant me the desire to fulfill these wishes, for I am a weak and willful one, selfish in nature, who seeks her own desires. But You, oh Lord can change me. You can light my eyes with fire. You can fix them upon Yourself alone, till all else, the dross, the things that are of lower degree, melt away in their attraction to me.

(Jesus speaking:) Thank you for your words of love unto Me. I will help you through your time on this Earth. Give to Me what you can and worry not about your failures. Worry not that you can’t be all that you want to be, for in due time I will teach you, and you will learn yet much more.

Condemn yourself not for what you feel you cannot give, for your weaknesses and your human nature. For I’ll love you the better when you do share yourself with Me, for I cherish all that you give unto Me. Each little part means more than the world and all the riches contained therein. Each part is special to Me and I cherish it deeply.

Thank you, sweet love, for honoring Me with your heart, and desiring Me fully and completely, and offering Me your life, your soul, your desires, your all. I shall take them and teach you yet how to be completely Mine. For Mine you are and I kiss you, My sweet one. X!

May our love grow and grow and grow till it becomes a vast ocean, with water for many to receive and partake of, to swim in and to enjoy. Love like an ocean can never run dry but will always be there for others, and that’s what our life must contain, a love for others. We will show our united love to the people of the World –yea drawing them into our heart of love bit by bit, soul by soul, till we all be one in My love.

Your mind can be set awhirl, your spirit a-twirl, with the freedom of the spirit and boundless joy; for I am the most important thing unto you. You hold Me as the deepest treasure, the dearest treasure that you have clasped in your hands against your heart, and so shall I be to you. Make Me that treasure, in each part of your day, in each aspect of your life, and I shall bring wellsprings up in your life, and bless you in numerous ways. –Though that’s not the reason you love Me. For you love Me for Myself, and I only want to give pleasure unto you.

Keep Me in the center of your being, treasure Me in the deepest parts of your soul, and I will bring you through. I love you, My precious one.                                                                                                        



The keys act as a conduit of power and give you an instant connection with Me through the Word. Call on their power before you read, while you read, and after you read, that you may be fed, enlightened, and changed through the entrance of My Words.


Call on the power of the keys that the eyes of your mind and spirit may be opened to My Word as never before. Call on their power to sweep your mind clean of any thing that would stand in opposition to you receiving My Words and being changed by them.



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