Oh, My love for you is deep and everlasting. You who stay by My side through all that is and all that is to come. Yes, I will be with you every step you take, as I have been with My children, My saints, throughout the ages. To you who believe that I am, I am with you, always! I have given so, so many love words and promises of care and safe keeping to you, My Brides. How could you not believe or how could you doubt that love? I adore you; don’t you yet know that? You who are so close, who take Me as your Husband, who sleep with Me in our marriage bed, who really know Me soo deeply and intimately, would I ever abandon you? Now in these coming times of trial, you must hold onto My love. Do not let go, My wife, My beloved. This intimate time with you is so beautiful, for Me as well as for you. It entwines our spirits and melts us as one. Everything else fades and our love for each other consumes the moment. I fill you to bursting point and as we ravish each other and the orgasm of the spirit sends you into another world. It envelops you and runs through your very being. My Word does that; My seeds have that effect on My brides who are so desirous. You can read My Word, and it can be flat and dry and have very little effect, but you can read My words and when you let them imbibe you and your heart fills with the love contained therein, then the mere reading turns into ecstasy and explodes within you. In those moments, all fears are vanished and My love covers you as a warm, impenetrable shield. Nothing can touch you. You know it. You know it with such a certainty. It moves you deeply, and I want it to, My love, My ardent one. I want you to feel this wonderful love we share. I want you to remember these special moments when it gets tough. I am fortifying your spirit now, in these times of loving, for they will strengthen you and cause your roots to shoot down deep into My soil, to spread down and out so that you will be deeply grounded and will be able to weather the storm coming.(End of prophecy)


When I ask My children to live the Law of Love, I am asking that you take on My very nature. This is the nature of love…love that does not seek her own or think evil; love that does not rejoice in her own, but rejoices in truth; love that rejoices in the happiness and joy of others. There is such a great, great need for love in My Kingdom.


(Excerpt of prophecy) 

My children have a very powerful tool in their hands through the Loving Jesus revelation, through living the Law of Love, and through upholding Godly sex. They have the spiritual weapon of a close connection with Me and each other, the powerful tool of humility, yieldedness, and affection, which will help them to stay clean and pure in spirit, separate from the spirit of the world. It’s from Heaven and carries the spirit of Heaven, and one day the world will see clearly and recognize the spirit of Heaven that you carry with you–beautiful, clear, simple, loving, giving, humble and yielded. (End of message from Jesus.) (Mama’s Memos No.12)

The simple truth is that if they are able to embrace the Loving Jesus revelation, and they remain yielded and open to Me, as My desirous and simple brides, believing, receiving and accepting in faith‚ they will easily be able to flow along with the future moves of My Spirit.      


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