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“The breach in the wall has come due to your indifference to the Words of the King. You haven’t made them your lifeline. When have you last sought Him to speak to you personally and really cherished it like you would something you absolutely must have? He doesn’t want to be a side line “can have if you like it” type of God, whom you add to your life as some kind of ingredient or flavor, but he wants to be the heartbeat of your life, the reason you live and what makes you breathe and get up in the morning.

There will be other methods used to continue to bring this principle home.

Let His Word be what wakes you up every morning and the last thing you think about as you drift off to sleep. By reviewing and committing small portions of it to memory, you take in bite-sized pieces of scripture—both new and older; that is truly “feeding on the Word of God”.

Every week there can be something new that you are focusing on and learning about, and part of that learning can be to both hear from the Lord in prophecy on that topic, as well as committing to memory something already written down about it.

Can you do this please? It will make a world of difference both to you and to those who are trying to assist you and help you make it through life from the unseen part of the battle. It is like equipping them with weapons to protect you, for every bit of God’s Word that you have running through your head is something they can use to direct you in safe paths of life. The more you know of God’s Word, the better off you’ll be.

(Jesus speaking: ) Don’t give the enemy any place by leaving too many rooms open—that is to say hours or moments open where My Words aren’t controlling the mood and directing the mental activity. Keep your guard up and you’ll be more at peace in the thoughts department.

The first course of study can be on each of the new weapons that you know of.  Memorize key passages on each one, including a verse, a new weapon explanation and so forth. They needn’t be long, but concise. It will bring you victory to have these weapons at your disposal.”

“If you begin to tire, claim the keys of tenacity, claim the keys of focus to hold back whatever physical distraction is interfering. Claim the keys of greater faith and rebuke analyzing and other interference in your mind.”




4 thoughts on “Make It Your Line of Defense”
  1. Hi guys,
    Thank you so much for all this inspiring new wine that you are faithfully pouring out. Since I found you a few months ago, you became part of my daily devotions, bringing that very needed balance between the old and the new wine! Few years ago when I started again seriously getting into the word and memorizing again, the Lord inspired and encouraged me with the following message: “My word is like water: when you read it, it is like taking a shower, it cleanses and refreshes you, but when you memorize it, it is like drinking water, it becomes part of you!” It’s interesting how memorizing seems to have more to do with the heart than with the brain since both the english: to learn by heart, and the latin recordum, coming from the two root words “re” (repeat) and “cor” (heart), mention the heart.
    On the topic of spirit helpers I recently “discovered” the seven spirits of God as in Rev. 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6 and Isaiah 11:2. This realization of who the seven spirits of God were, made wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and the fear of the Lord personal. Now I know who and what they are and it opened my eyes to the fact that they’re entities that I can communicate with and have a relationship with. At least wisdom and understanding seem to be part of my personal family!
    “Say unto wisdom thou art my sister and call understanding thy kinswoman.” Prov. 7:4

    With much love, Sam

    1. Thank you very much Sam, we hope its alright with you, we’d like to slip these insights into a blog, as I’m sure there are others who would appreciate what you shared with us today. love you too.

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