Making White the saints

Jesus speaking:

I see you; and yes, I have sent those tests and pressures upon thee to purge your soul, to prepare you for what’s to come. I am making you stronger and lovelier, even though in your eyes it seems like you are getting weaker, and you think that you cannot take it anymore. Do not worry; I am in full control!! 

I can see that you are feeling tempted to quit. 

But don’t do what your carnal mind tells you, because it’s the voice of the Devil and other Demons. Apotheon, Pan, and Lethargy are fighting with all their power to bring you under their domain and to kill you if possible. 

They hate My children, specifically the Children of David, for you are their biggest adversaries in the physical realm. 

You hold the Keys to move the world, for it is not money that makes the world go round but you, My angels, because you have been transformed into My keys. You are part of My power that is bringing about real changes to this planet and the universe. Through your prayers and words and actions, you control this world. I will even give you more control and power, but only if you take it seriously enough and let go of your ways and selfish you. Just let Me crack and remake you. Let those things that need to happen, even though painful and scary at times, mold you. I am with you to deliver you, you don’t need to make plans to deliver yourself from the crucifixion, just follow the paintbrush; follow the planning. Give to Caesar what is from Caesar, and give to God your mind, body and soul. 

For these things of the world you don’t understand, the ways of My spirit are not what you think they are. Just go back to My Word and see, learn, understand. 

The wind bloweth, and you hear the sound thereof, but you do not know from where it started, its journey, nor where it’s going to end up. I asked you to follow Me by reason of your love for Me, and you said yes. 

I asked you to tell the world about My love, and you said yes. But do you really understand what it means to show My love to the world?

This is real love; for a man to give his life for another,  and not necessarily for one that is easy to love or even one that deserves to be loved. 

Give your life for the ones that don’t deserve it, the sick-minded people, the lost, the ones that have lost their faith in everything because of the increase of evil in this world. The ones that are cold, selfish because of fears, disillusioned because of hate and the lack of true love. 

You must give, without asking anything in return. You must love with no fear of getting cheated; you must lose your life to save a precious soul that has been beaten, lied to, given false hopes, and betrayed over and over until the only thing that this poor soul knows is to do evil. 

They have become like animals, just walking after their own lusts, following what is evil, for they only know how to cheat, lie and kill for their own gain. 

“The survival of the strongest in the flesh” That is the law of their world, for they know nothing else. No truth is in them for they are empty vessels without true light. 

But you are the light of the world; just as My father sent Me, I send you to give your life as a ransom for many. 

“Give your life for the ones that don’t deserve it, the sick-minded people, the lost, the ones that have lost their faith in everything because of the increase of evil in this world.”



Revelation 14

“Call on the keys of change, asking Me to give you My heart and help you do things My way, and what you ask will be given unto you.”