Prophecy From a Young Adult

Recently submitted to MB.

“The world is entering its last days. Many walk into the deep darkness totally unaware and blind to what is right in front of them. This is because they are asleep. They have resisted My call to them to go forth to make disciples of all men, therefore they have fallen right into the trap that Satan has laid. He knows that force and might do not work on My children, for this he has tried in the past. So he has taken another route, the route of ease. They have resisted My call to battle, My call to stay stirred up, My call to continue in battle as not to be lulled to sleep by the deceiver. Therefore they now sleep. And in their sleep and in their blindness, they walk on into the blackness of the worst storm this world will ever face.

The time is spent, and it is too late for many. They will go on pretending all is as it always was. Call My loves, call, call and call again. Call; that some might hear you and be saved. The night is come; the thunder is flashing across the sky. Soon the whole world will be at war. Ready thy lamp, ready thy sword, and prepare to walk in total darkness – totally by faith. Now is the time to let go and let My voice lead you. Nothing else must have sway in your lives, for if it does…if you follow any other voice but Mine, the winds of this storm will blow you away. No, My love, only in the Keys and loving Me intimately will you find your way. With these two weapons, you will brave what lies ahead. Love Me and get My directions for you. Hold the keys out before you and walk totally by faith. I love you, and I am with you. Fear not.”

Many Walk in Darkness


“The time is spent, and it is too late for many. They will go on pretending all is as it always was.”



“To All David’s Men”

A song and call to arms as we enter the dark and cloudy day of Jacob’s Trouble







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