Journey speaking:

“Today it’s up to the mountain top, to the fresh and cold waters of melted snow. Snow is water that was preserved for a later time. When it melts, it then gives fresh clean water to the spring earth when it needs it –to soften and water it for new growth. Waters that were beautiful and could be walked in, pure and white snow, but weren’t taken in yet, are now melted and able to be absorbed.  A lot of it has to do with the seasons of your heart, whether it’s snow or it’s as waters to a thirsty soul.

If you are having a time of deep understanding of God’s Word, when you didn’t see it that way before, there is good chance it’s because it has been melted for you, most likely with the heat of your love and passion for Jesus.  The season changes, warmth comes, water melts and you drink it in. No more just something to look at in awe and wonder and think “How nice,” but it’s personally benefiting you, refreshing you deeply. At first, it was a bit too cold to want to take in, but the snow melted with love for your passionate Lord and your insatiable craving for Him, and it transformed to something you can relate to and you see it with new eyes. It now tastes different to you. Your eyes are open and you are renewed.

Another way to describe it is as enzymes that help you digest certain foods better. Loving Jesus and having your relationship built on His love for you and yours for Him gives you the digestive elements that help you take in the meat of His Word.

So if you are understanding things in ways you didn’t before, this is a direct result of close union with your Lord and passionate, loving, Heavenly Mate.”


Thou cleansest me with hyssop and I am clean, washest me, and than snow I am whiter.” Psalm 51:7


Revelation 22

“Call on the keys of prophecy and My Words will pour through you as streams that never run dry! I will hold nothing back from those who activate the keys of the Kingdom.”



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