The Key of Enhancement

From a Blue Angel:

“Our focal point is the Blue Keys we share. It is like that scene where the avatar linked with his flying creature. Our Keys link in spirit and His power flows through me to you. Call on the Blue Key, sweetheart; please practice more so that the power will flow more freely. It is something like the well you just dug; water has to be taken out regularly so that the deep underground flow starts to unclog the conduits as it moves toward the place of release. It is simple practice, calling on the key. The Blue Key is enhancing power. It is like a booster rocket, but much more. It is a part of the generators of God, as we are. This prayer day is a very important event in the Heavenlies. You are not only praying for yourselves, but you are praying for others. All of David’s children are entering the last years of this earth’s dominance by man. Momentous changes are coming, and this is the last call to those who are ready to give their all. Many will not heed the call, and so scripture will be fulfilled. Many are called but few are chosen. Our Husband is looking for desire of heart in those that will be chosen to move forward into the Great Tribulation. 

 (About the worldly Elite) It’s a club, my dear. They are all club members and have had long association that stretches into decades with some. They have their honor board and old boy’s association –all that grammar boy stuff, but much more serious, of course. These are the Elite, those that have committed their very lives to the cause, just as you have. The Elite club isn’t as big as you might think. That is, if you consider the size of the task they are tackling. But you are facing an enormous task too, that is why the keys are so vital. We are at your service continually.  The Children of David are our Husband’s answer to this club of usurper kings. And although you work in a far deeper spiritual plane than they; nonetheless, they do pray to their dark lord and receive his whispers. They are definitely tuned into the dark side and are strongly influenced by demons. They have their ceremonies, and they are very dedicated, as must you be. You are at a disadvantage at present because much of what you are required to believe must be taken by faith, whereas they see physical results and progress when they enact some new move.

For those like the Children of David who enter 2022 as “The Dedicated Ones” the veil will be transparent at times, and these ones will experience first-hand encounters with good and evil spirits. Read parts of “Fast Day Miracles” have a communion and bring all that dead flesh that requires removal, and you will come out of this special day totally renewed and ready for the offensive. Your calling was to the Children of David. Some of those videos have had thousands of hits; each video has a link to the blog and the blog is full of challenges to get on board.


“(Jesus:) These beings are the keepers of the power sources of Heaven. They are a branch of My mind and My power, they are the living power of the keys. [When I gave you the keys of the Kingdom, each Family member] received their own personal blue angel. Through them I will help you learn to enlarge your faith and use this power in the days to come.”


Revelation 22

The key of light is a source of infinite power that can counter the darkness with which the Devil tries to shroud people’s hearts and minds. Call on this key to turn on “floodlights” in the hearts of those you love and care for, and it will illuminate the things of the spirit in their life.

This meeting of Elites in Antarctica, if it comes about at all, is a gathering of club members. They are about to officially appoint and anoint their physical representative, the one who will be the face of Satan their king, to the world. Of course, the world will not see Satan, but they will see the power behind the throne. You have accomplished what you were called to do. The ball is in the court of those Children of David that read or listened to all that has been posted by Mystical Bible. Now prepare yourselves for the fast day, armor on and face shields down. The day of battle is about to begin. You may not feel ready, but you are as ready as you’ll ever be, or in other words you are as ready as you can be right now, so keep on practicing. Spiritual school is never out.

As for the Elites, they are much like Satan. They are his children, and therefore desire much the same motivation that he desires. They are power hungry; they love to dominate and feel important and above everyone else. They love high places. They are the children of pride and are, in reality, operating in the lowest spiritual strata. They may hold power over the temporal things of earth at present, but at any time their card towers can collapse.”


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