USED Israel Invaded

Israel Invaded

Prophecy: “You have to wait for the game to finish. It is not over yet; not all the cards have been dealt. Yes, it is getting closer, much closer, but it is not quite time yet for the final hand. Just keep watching and praying…stay close to us and listen as you read…if there are any peculiarities, then we will alert you. We will not allow you to see too far ahead, but will keep you just one or two steps in front of the enemy. Israel will play her part. I speak of the land Israel, for that country is one of the bargaining chips. It will soon be up for grabs. The players will be dealt their hands, and at the right time, that game will begin. It is then that many will awake from their slumber. So patience, my love; patience as you watch the game unfold. If you pull your chair right in behind our Master, you will be privy to some of His plays. They will excite you and entice you to the thrill of the game –the greatest game ever played. Remember, the game of Armageddon has yet to be played.”
Yes, this prophecy will help you stay on the little doggy line.  🙂
I know the Ukraine is a very important step…but it is not the end game. Like was brought out in the blog 2nd War of the AC, Putin is heading for Israel.
And all of this only confirms what the prophet David said back in 1973 in “Israel Invaded”

Israel Invaded

11. SO THE BIBLE TELLS US THE WHOLE CONFLICT WILL BE SETTLED BY THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA AND THE INVASION AND CONQUEST OF ISRAEL BY RUSSIA and other supporting world powers, and it will have to happen soon because neither America nor the rest of the world can go much longer without that vital Arab oil!

12. BECAUSE OF THESE TOTALLY IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SELFISH AMERICAN AND ISRAELI INTERESTS AND THOSE OF THE REST OF THE WORLD, A PEACEFUL SETTLEMENT IS UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE, and an armed invasion and conquest by Russia and supporting powers is inevitable, and this can only be accomplished by the destruction of America herself as a world power.    (Israel Invaded! [#0281])

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And this letter is one of those letters that is in the same orbit as Kohoutek!!!!
Put all the letters around that one into the mix, and you get the bigger picture!!!

“ISRAEL WILL SOON BE INVADED AND CONQUERED AND AMERICA DESTROYED by a combination of world powers led by Russia, according to the Bible and our own recent revelations. The Bible even names the countries that will participate and the route of their invasion!” (David Berg)

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Will great tribulation begin this year 2022?

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