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MO Letter #279…received in 1973

Introduction from David:

(I WENT TO SLEEP LAST NIGHT THINKING,) “The whole world is waiting with bated breath, and nobody really knows what’s going on or what they’re saying or anything! But Lord, You know what’s going to happen, and if I’m Your prophet You could show me!”–And He did!–And here it is!

BUT WHY DID HE SHOW ME THIS WAY?–Apparently He felt the best way to show me was by taking me on a spirit trip to visit somebody in Russia who knows what the Russians are feeling and how they’re really thinking!

IN THE SPIRIT IT’S LIKE THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE ARE ALL ONE, because Kerenina is Ivan’s girlfriend, but she’s also his wife, and he already knows what’s going to happen in the future, just like it’s already happened!

ANYHOW, HERE’S WHAT OUR FRIEND IVAN IN KIEV, RUSSIA, HAD TO SAY!–Early in the morning Maria says I began talking in my sleep and she recorded the following:)

“You like Ivan to sing for you?–About love of David your father, little girl!–Like Alex love his sweet baby in bottom of boat?–In Dnepr River near Kiev! Kiev!–On Dnepr River.–Kiev on Dnepr River, huh?” (Uh, huh!)

Excerpts from MO Letter #279 “Ivan Ivanovitch”…Ivan speaking:

“THIS RIDICULOUS WAR OF AMERICA! (Do you help build buildings, Ivan?) I plan many buildings. (For this war, after it’s over?)–Not for war! I plan for peace! I make pictures of buildings, plans for housing for people in many cities for Rushka. You know? (You work on it now?)

THE STUPID AMERICANS WANT TO BLOW UP ALL OUR VILLAGES! SO WE HAVE TO BLOW HER UP FIRST, YOU SEE? Okay? You don’t mind? (No.) You no more American! You no more American, you know that? (I know that.) You’re European! We Europeans have to stick together, amen? Russia is European and we must stick together, because stupid, idiotic, violent America’s sworn to destroy the whole earth! When you go to London, honey baby? Oh, don’t you know that?

WE’RE GOING TO KILL THEM FIRST, BEFORE THEY KILL US! We have to kill them off, honey baby. I’m very sorry, but we have to kill them because they’re so bad! If we don’t kill them, they kill everybody you understand? (Speaks in foreign language:) You understand the words of your father David, honey? So you won’t feel too bad. You won’t have to worry about your country you had before?

IF WE DON’T WIPE THEM OUT, THEY WIPE OUT THE EARTH, you know? (How do we wipe them out?) We don’t wipe them out! We don’t wipe them out! I mean Russians wipe out, Russians wipe out! Because of words of your father David, you know? Russians hear and they know they have to wipe out to save Earth! You understand? (Do you, Ivan, make plans now for peace?) Oh, sweet baby! You know, honey, that God always makes plans for peace! (Does Ivan make plans of buildings for peace?)

 GOD HAS TO MAKE FIRST WAR ON THE WICKED TO WIPE OUT WICKED TO MAKE PEACE FOR OUR BABIES!–Understand? Then we make houses for many people. Americans try to annihilate the Earth, but we don’t let! We first, we first.–We kill America first so she cannot destroy the Earth. You know what God says: He shall destroy them which destroy the Earth, you know? So you don’t have to worry. Jesus destroy them which destroy the Earth!

 JESUS DESTROY AMERICA WHO DESTROYS MUCH EARTH, you understand? Okay? Okay, sweet baby? (Does Ivan make many plans right now for peace?) I work hard, I have to work many hours every day for my board, at my board to make houses for people.

To download full MO Letter (Ivan Ivanovitch [#0279])

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Ivan Ivanovitch


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