Alice and the Cards [#023])

“M-Madame Sharla Tann?”
“None other, Alice darling,” she said in a voice that sounded to Alice like two voices overlapped.
Like the sound of some singers on the tapes, thought Alice. But this is spooky.
“You have fear, I notice,” said Sharla, baring her upper teeth and running them across her red lower lip as she leaned close to Alice and peered into her eyes. Alice noticed her pale skin was uncannily smooth, like wax. “Am I scary?”
“N-n-not at all,” said Alice, trembling.
“You’ve hurt my feelings!” said Sharla with mock offence. “It’s okay, baby. You can be honest! One’s power is equal to how much fear one can instill in others. That’s the secret of mine and Truco’s control. How else do you think we can so manipulate those stupid, unthinking masses? So don’t sweat. I don’t mind being thought of as scary. In fact, I revel in it!”

“Looking, looking, My children are circling the prey. They are as eagles, eyes on the carcass. They look to Me for their cue; they trust no one but Me.”

“This game is so intricate, so detailed, and so spiritual. It can be likened to capillaries or the nervous system within the human body. Only I can truly know the intricacies of such things.”

‘My keys are like a clean bath to soak away the dirt and filth of the world and replace it with the sweet-smelling fragrance of the cleanliness of My spirit.’

“It is amazing how content the devil is if he can but nibble at a man’s heart. It does not matter about swallowing it whole—only let him nibble and he will be content! Let him but bite at the ends and be satisfied, for he is wise enough to know that if a serpent has but an inch of bare flesh to sting, he will poison the whole. When Satan cannot get a great sin in, he will let a little one in, like the thief who goes and finds shutters all coated with iron and bolted inside. At last he sees a little window in a chamber. He cannot get in, so he puts a little boy in, that he may go round and open the back door. So the devil has always his little sins to carry about with him to go and open back doors for him! And we let one in and say, “O, it is only a little one.” Yes, but how that little one becomes the ruin of the entire man! Let us take care that the devil does not get a foothold, for if he gets but a foothold, he will get his whole body in and we shall be overcome.”                                                                    (C.H.Spurgeon Sermon #322)

(Prophecy) “Don’t look to man; look to Me. Have you ever been in a small boat in stormy weather? The Endtime is like that. It is hard to know what is up and what is down. The wind swirls and twists as it lashes you with sea spray. The darkness is disorienting, and you lose direction, a wave could sweep across the deck at any time and you are dragged into the sea. The man beside you, who was your friend in fair weather, turns out to be an enemy in foul. His intentions are good, yes, but the ferocity of the storm caused him to take his eyes off Me and suddenly he is acting in the most untoward manner.

“Charlatan is a person who makes elaborate, fraudulent and often voluble claims to skill or
knowledge; a quack or a fraud. The word charlatan originates in the early 17th century from the Italian or French word which means to babble and denoted an itinerant seller of supposed remedies that were useless medicinal potions..”




“To every problem the keys bring the
solution, to every question the keys
bring the answer, to every difficult
situation the keys open previously
locked doors. The keys open new
avenues for My power to flow


The enemy is always looking to use your good intentions for his benefit, but don’t fear; if those intentions are sanctioned by Me, Romans 8:28 will always apply. My Word is fact and rock solid, so come to Me. I am at the helm. The night is thickening, the winds are picking up, and the swell is rising. Stay on your toes; continue to listen to My whispers as you search for the signs of My coming. And as was said many times in the past, I will direct you as you listen, and eventually your faith will be rewarded as you see the pieces of the puzzle come together.”

“Show her the collection, baby,” said Truco. “I’ll send for hors d’oeuvres and get acquainted with our little puppet princess.”

Taking Alice’s hand, Sharla Tann led her out to a large showroom across the road in which was draped hundreds of flags and banners, and walls papered with pages and covers from periodicals, magazines, and newspapers. Each strangely purported obviously conflicting presentation and ideologies, and bore titles such as Free Truth, Model Citizen, Independent Voice, The National Institution, Inside Scoop, and The State Sentinel. Some even appeared to expose all that Truco stood for.

“You see–flags,” said Sharla. “That’s what my husband calls his publications. They help us keep a finger on the ‘pulse’ of the various sectors of society.”

“Amazing,” said Alice, inspecting a red banner bearing a black imprinted portrait of a bearded man wearing a beret. “Brandon used to have a T-shirt with this face on it…”

“One of our manufactured ‘martyrs,'” said Sharla. “We financed him to destabilize and pave the way for us to pick up the pieces.”

Alice strolled over to a wall covered with a world map. “And what is this with only numbered sections? Where are the countries?”

“My husband’s–our vision. Eutopia one, two, three, etc. Gone will be the confines and bigotry of tradition and nationalism in religion, race, and creed. A dream, is it not?”

“A dream, Sharla? Or a night…?  (Alice Cuts the Strings: Act Seven [#250])



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