Update on “The Crash” by David Berg

“So you see, you are surrounded by evil, and these evil birds, both man and beast, control not just the town in this dream, but every single town and city in the world. The Keys are very important in all of this, because as I said, they have the ability to unlock portals to My Kingdom. So when you are in dire need, use the Keys, and they will keep you out of these evil birds’ control.

 I’m your fairy God Father, and I am telling you to jump right now! Don’t worry; the Keys are there to protect you when you do. Just listen to the whispers. Just listen to all those beautiful fairies that surround you night and day.

Me, the Keys and My Word are one, and we are your vital companions in this time of the End. So use us, and together we will help you make it through the Endtime.

The Keys are powerful, and they have the power to pull you up any hill or mountain that you face. Don’t fear; the power is there. Just use them, and they will come through for you.

And maybe you won’t…you see…maybe it is too late for that…but it’s never too late to start using the Keys to the Kingdom. I promised two thousand years ago that I would take My church, My believers, My loves, into the wilderness. Do you remember that promise? Revelation 12:14 Yes, those eagle wings that I will give you are like that key-powered toboggan.

“The wand is the Keys to the Kingdom, and as soon as you strike the system on the nose with those keys in your hand, it will let go. Then up you will go into the higher pastures of My will leaving the lowlands behind.”


Prophets Of The End

“There is nothing that can stand against the keys of Heaven, because they represent the power of love, and nothing can stand against love.”


Yes, good old David is here with Me now, looking over your shoulder, still showing you the way to freedom. So listen, My children. Listen to his Words, for they are My Words and My Words set free. You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free. Come on, the hour is late. Get that wand out and start listening to your fairies. The portals are never closed. There is always a way out, even if you have to jump.”

(The Crash Updated)


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