Jesus on the reboot

“These keys to the Kingdom are not the last gift that I will give you, My children of David. Those who hold on and go on for Me will receive more spiritual gifts from My hand.The time is not yet right for Me to reveal them to you now, because I must take you one step at a time. But know that your faithfulness to hone this new gift of faith that I have given you, to use these keys to the Kingdom, will pave the way for the next great gift that I will give you, My darling brides.” (3351) (Original 2001)

Jesus speaking: “I’ll tell you a secret, My dearest loves, and many may still not comprehend or understand, but you will, for it is for youalone that I will now reveal the details of this secret. The Reboot was one of these “other” gifts that I had for you and those like you. You see, My gifts are not always wrapped in pretty packages, but one thing is for sure, My gifts are weighty and very precious and are never ornamental or purposeless. They are given just when I intend to give them, and they are given to whom I will. The Reboot was the way into the future, the only way. Just as Gideon’s course led him and his men to the riverside, so the Reboot led you and all those to be tried to the edge of the beginning of the great testing.” (Update 2020)

Through these gifts, you areand will be more and moreable to access My private information which will give you insight and information in the days ahead. Such things will be for your spirits only to grasp and utilize to remain a leap ahead of the Enemy’s attempts to destroy you. (#3599)


The Reboot

Call on the keys of vision and understanding, so you can see things differently.


Hope of the future

(Jesus speaking:) Whether first or second generation, each person must decide if they want to be a disciple.If you make this choice, that means you must be willing to live the life of a disciple…. (Download Hope of the Future compilation here)

2nd generation 

Download this pdf



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