1 Peter 5:8

(Jesus speaking: ) When what you talk about binds you together, brings you in closely, heart to heart, this is what happens. Death is never a lovely smell, and you are going to have to go through very hard battles in this day and age, in order to bond closely. Death of Satan’s minions’ plans and efforts is smelly. Though you don’t catch a whiff of it with your earthly senses, it’s there.

It’s a foul stench and very sickening when these demons are squashed and pulverized. If what they try doesn’t work, they are bitterly abused—not just by the good guys who are trying to help you, but by their own lot who diminish and harm the one whose wicked plans came to nothing or rather pushed you forward to do good rather than harm.

It is difficult and dangerous waters. Be wise. Seek Me every time for what you do and when you do it. You need double angelic protection these days, for the evil one fights hard when troops are doing that which angers Satan most. Only the bravest and strongest should “go there” into territory that is guarded by minions of the netherworld.

Watch and pray, and give no place to the wicked one by simply proceeding as you have done thus far. It’s like waving a red flag, and you can be sure you’ll get bored through if you don’t have a proper protective shield. You need clearance and weaponry to engage in doing what is as burning gas and lethal weapons to the Devil.

The roaring lion will seek to devour all that is good and leave you bleeding.

At this point, when more and more are fighting you, you have to pick your battles so that the main duties are done. If doing one thing makes it hard if not impossible to finish in some other area, then choose your battles and tackle the most important.

Be watchful, and prayerful. Nothing you do from now on will be unwatched. You are opponents, enemies, of the wicked one, and you’ve got more than one spy set out to keep an eye on you. Something good started to occur? Something at last seemed right? Wham! Something hits you then to make your efforts seem worthless or to scare you or make it hard for you to ever do something like that again. It’s war.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”


Face of the beast

Praise is the atmosphere of Heaven. It’s what the inhabitants breathe in to nourish their souls, and it’s what they breathe out to nourish the framework of a loving society. Call on the keys of praise to create the same atmosphere in your Home.

When one team makes a good win and conquers some territory or helps a struggling nation, the opposition does not cheer, but rather plans a fiercer and preferably deadly attack. A win on one side is a sign to the opposition that they need to make some bigger and badder plans to attack.

Don’t give place to the enemy by doing things that he hates in a “business as usual” way, like all is fine and will be fine. It won’t. You have to have those from the angelic forces who both go before you and are at your back to shield you.

Prayer, praise, and prophecy bring protection. Did you get My permission to do something infuriating to the enemy—like asking the commander about going here or there to fight? Did you fight with praise before, during and afterwards? Did you pray and claim the power of Heaven to work on your behalf, and call out the enemy and get him out of the land before you enter it to do some good?

This set of tools is easy to use and effective for winning more than getting hit.

I love you, darlings. We are going through a storm, and some debris is bound to hit you a time or two if you don’t look out and keep up your guard.

I take you in My arms and hold you in a healing hug. Let’s go. Let’s do it together.



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