Time is at hand to release the final key

“Your faith and your sucking, your wooing and enticing Me, triggered the activation of the keys I have given to you. And I opened, for your sake, the very real fabric between Heaven and Earth and Hell, so you may know in full the power of the keys that I have given to you in the times to come.” (#3351) (Original 2001)

Jesus Speaking:

This is the trigger. Many of My promises in the tomes and letters of David and Maria were like time-release capsules: set to be opened by the right people at a designated time in history. Just as David and Maria were chosen time capsules, set to go off or be activated at a precise period in history, so are you, My loves. Through your obedience, many Keys have been triggered and are now rising to fulfill their destiny.

This is the beginning of the fulfillment of My promise that in the Last Days I would pour out My Spirit.


Gaining Ground

As you call on the keys of discovery,I will reveal new truths to you from My Word.

Stay yielded, My brides, stay focused on the job at hand. For as saith the inscription on this time capsule, so it is done, and so will it be written what My Word hath claimed. All I ask for is your obedience. It is your continued obedience that will activate and open more keys, and so will this process of activation create a mighty wave of Endtime miracles as these keys lock into the Final Key, and My power will explode and the End will come.” (Update 2020)


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