My Law of Love is that which sets apart the children of David from My other children. Not only is it radical, free and unconventional, but it’s difficult, and it’s only for the strongest. It separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls. It separates the soldiers from the civilians, and even separates the avant-garde, the elite troops, from the regular troops.

You fear that you’ll never be able to live and practice these meaty doctrines; but I tell you that you can and that you are able, for I will be able through you. The fact that you’ve not given up, that you’ve not turned your back on My service, and that you’ve not turned your back on the Words and teachings of David proves that you are a strong soldier and that you belong here, in the elite troops. And if you belong here, if this is your destiny and your mission, then believe Me that I will make it possible for you to finish the training and that you will pass the grade and graduate with honors. It’s tough, it takes time to graduate from officers’ training, but once you do, you’ve gained something that nobody can take away from you! I know it’s hard, I know it’s painful. You feel like you want to give up trying and like you’re not going to make it, but I want you to make it!

The new weapons that I give you for this new day are the weapons of loving Me intimately, of hearing My voice, and of unity with each other. These weapons will enable My children to fully live My Law of Love and to bring down My full blessings. I know that you love Me, and I know that you believe My Words and My voice, but you must learn to fully use these weapons to gain the victories that you need.

As you love Me, as you spend time loving Me and becoming filled with Me, thus will I be able to fill you with My love, My seeds, My truths, My thoughts, My views, and thus will you be able to see things as I see them. When you can see things the way that I see them, then although your natural man may struggle and buck against it, you’ll be able to fight, knowing that you’re doing the right thing, and knowing that I will give you the strength for it. (End of excerpts of message from Jesus.)

(Jesus speaking) Upon you, the children of David, I bestow the last great honor–the priceless privilege of giving all, of living all, of paving the way into total liberty and the realities of My Spirit. Unto you it is given to know the truths of My Kingdom. Unto you it is given to grow into full stature. Unto you it is given to grow in love, to live in love, that you may teach the world how to love. Unto you, My precious children who know Me and love Me, who come when I call, and who beg to receive My seeds, it is given to live My Law of Love fully. Unto you it is given, as you learn to love, to usher in the Kingdom, to teach the world how to walk in love and live in love and live for love. Unto you it is given to prove that My Law of Love is holy and true, and it does not fail. It cannot fail, for on this Law of Love hangs all the law and all the prophets! (End of message from Jesus.)                                                              

(Living the Lord’s Law of Love! Part 05 #3205:178-179)

  “(Jesus:) Remember that when I am moving and working in someone’s life, it’s always in love and always for the better in some way. It’s easy for the natural eye to get distracted by the manner and way in which I choose to work sometimes. But I want you to lift your eyes above the natural, above conditions and circumstances, and look to Me. There you will find truth. There you will find purpose. There you will find love.”


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