Isaiah 41: 4

“You and I can do nothing of ourselves—we are poor puny things. But let us attempt great things—for God is with us! Let us dare great things, for God will not leave us! Remember what He has done and remember, what He has done of old, He will do again. Remember David the shepherd boy. Remember well Shamgar, with his ox-goad. Forget not the jawbone of the ass, and the stone from the sling. If these worked wonders, why should not we? If little things have done great things, let us try to do great things also! You know not, you atoms, but that your destiny is sublime. Try and make it so by faith. And the least of you may be mighty through the strength of God. Oh for divine grace to trust God, and there is no telling what you can do! Worms, you are nothing, but you have eaten princes! Worms, you are nothing, but you have devoured the roots of cedars, and laid them level with the earth! Worms, you are nothing, but you have piled rocks in the deep, deep sea, and wrecked mighty navies! Worms, you have eaten through the keel of the proudest ship that ever sailed the ocean. If you have done this yourselves, what cannot we do? Your strength lies in your mouths—our strength lies in ours, too! We will use our mouths in prayer and in constant adoration, and we shall yet conquer, for God is with us, and victory is sure—”

“You trembling souls! Dismiss your fears!

Let mercy be your theme.

Mercy, which, like a river,

Flows in one continued stream.

Fear not the powers of earth and hell—

GOD will these powers restrain,

His mighty arm their rage repel,

And make their efforts vain!

Fear not the want of outward good—

He will for His provide,

Grant them supplies of daily food,

And all they need beside!

Fear not that He will ever forsake

Or leave His work undone

He’s faithful to His promises—

And faithful to His Son!

Fear not the terrors of the grave,

Or death’s tremendous sting—

He will from endless wrath preserve—

To endless glory bring!”

 (Spurgeon’s Fear Not Sermon #156)

 “Fear not, you worm Jacob, and you men of Israel; I will help you, says the LORD, and your redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.”   


You begin this charge

“No force of evil, no power of darkness, can have any hold on you when you are wielding the power of the keys in the strength of faith and the spirit of yieldedness!”





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