USED our wine cellar

the cellar has been opened


(Jesus speaking:) This will begin the time of getting out My Words like never before. I know you’ve heard that before, and it seems that each year you get out more than the year before. But because you’ve entered the era of action and I have so little time to help My children be prepared and ready for all that’s in store for them, and will indeed be upon them very soon, I will begin to pour it out in quantities such as you have never seen!

Personal prophecy:

Jesus: The cellar has been opened; the fragrance of wine is in the air. The time of the New Wine is come. For I have begun again to pour out My Words of prophecy to you, My intimates. I have opened the vats of Heaven once more and have let down a waterfall of My Words! This is the beginning of it. I have started the chain reaction with My Gideon’s band, and also with a few others you are not yet acquainted with. But it has started, this time of getting My Words like never before. I have raised up new vessels, new bottles that will eagerly open themselves up to Me and receive My seeds and the seeds of David! For have I not said in My Word that you shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days clothed in sackcloth? (Rev 11:3)




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