Faith-Ask more and stretch

When you become familiar with the way you perceive yourself to be, and you think certain things arent doable for you personallythis is the greatest hindrance to really pulling down My power for you. You tend to put yourself, with all your personal limitations, in a box, with a sign that reads, I can do most things You ask of me, but somethings just arent attainable. Note the ceiling on my box. Please dont ask more of me than You can see I can do. And then when it seems that I do ask something of you that in your mind or heart you seem to have resolved is beyond you, then you start to worry that Im not looking out for your good or your welfare. Youve put limits on what I can ask you to do, or what youve resolved you can or want to do. I ask you, with the deepest love I can express, to let yourself break loose. Dont look at the walls youre encased in, thinkingThus far and no furtherthats all I really can do. Break a hole in it and face the light in the sky above! Thats really where you can reach to, with Me and My power.



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