Faith-Follow the Leader

It is you whom Ive chosen, because you are the strongest amongst My children upon the Earth, and therefore it is you whom I am calling to this training and testing time to strengthen your faith, to renew it, to practice it, to bring it to where it needs to be for the times that are coming.

Strengthen your faith! Find out where its borders are now, and expand them greatly. Follow Me in faith, say yes to Me in faith, hold not back through lack of faith, and I will see to it that we cross those spiritual lands and circumstances that will strengthen you, that will enhance your faith.

Strengthen your faith. You are called and chosen. You are My faithful ones whom I am counting on to be the supporters of the weak and the ones who will carry them through. And no matter how strong you think you are, you will not be strong enough for that task in yourself. It must be your faith in Me, your trust in Me, your dependence on Me that is strong. Then I will be able to use you to do far more than you could have ever dreamed of.