The war of the worlds is upon us

“Do you want Me, or do you want your walls? I melt through the walls. I am fire, and I am life. I am a life detector too. I know you are in there, walled up in your thoughts and hopes and dreams, and I don’t just stand at the door and knock, but I create a doorway. I melt the wall with My heat and embrace you. You didn’t really want to stay all alone in there, with only your hopes to keep you company, did you?

If you could give up your wishes and instead have Me embracing you, isn’t that what you’d rather?

I know you would. So I hold you. And then I shake! I shake down the remains of your walls . It’s easy to follow Me now. Nothing is stopping you, not even your desires.

You mustn’t let the Evil one play with your mind. This is the battle, the battle that wages in your mind. He has sent out his great flood of lies into the world and its tempestuous currents still rage all around you. It is not over yet; it has just begun. The end is here, the battle lies before us all—that great and final battle that we all must now face. You must be prepared in your heart and mind. You must come deeper into us, into the doors of prophecy and intimacy with Jesus. You must strengthen yourself. You must put off ALL that weakens you now, all that holds you back from being strong. You must put off your pride and self-desires. The battles are almost upon us… you must come deeper! Come, come! Flee into the strong tower that we have prepared for you. This is the gift of prophecy, the ability to hear the whispers, and you must hone it at every moment. Many are the lies that surround you, and if you are not on guard—diligently rooting out all that distracts and confuses—then you will stumble in yourself and make a wrong turn. Don’t listen to these things that do not give you strength. You must throw yourself completely onto us, giving all else away and not picking it up again. This is the only way you can stand in the last hours, by giving up everything and committing yourself wholly to the spirit, to the love of the Bridegroom. Perfect love casts out fear. Perfect love for the King. You gain this by being always at His side. This is possible. In the spirit it is possible. This is full possession. This is what you need. But to get it you must give yourself away.
Fear has torment, and this fear will continue to torment this world till the very end until the Lord of Love comes again and breaks the spell of darkness and brings to life again all who have been bound by the shadows of fear. Stand strong. There are battles you must face, and you must be strong in the face of them, but you mustn’t rely on yourself. You must come to us and give us access to your heart, your mind, and your spirit. Only we can pull your through the descending fog of darkness, the vapors of hell that seek to suffocate all who live on earth. You must be the Light Bearers. But to be these you must be empty of yourself. You must be completely empty so that we can enter and fully inhabit you.

We need all the space we can get, and we cannot share it with these other filthy things. Throw them off, for the war is at hand. Throw them off, for the Real World is rising! And its brilliance will devour all darkness and purge every heart! The Bridegroom cometh—are you ready to meet Him, oh wise virgin?”

” I hold you and warm you. The sky alone is our covering. The wind is your covering, your Lord your wall and defense”



the lamp

“I place the keys of witnessing in your hands, that with them you may reach the hearts of those who are hungry and desperate for My truths.”





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