This is discipleship

Whether first or second generation, each person must decide if they want to be a disciple.If you make this choice, that means you must be willing to live the life of a discipleforsaking all, following Me daily, going into all the world to preach the Gospel, sharing all your worldly possessions, and being separate from and having no part of the evil worldly System. Each disciple of Mine must decide who he will love the most. If you are My disciple, you must be willing to keep Me in first place in your lifeand what that means is, My wish is your command.

What I’m looking for is a strong band of disciples, those who are dropped out and fully dedicated to the point that they’ve lost themselves in Me. You might think this is a very ordinary and general answer, but it’s the most radical commission on Earth! It’s the most costly profession, and the one with the fewest applicants. There are so few people in this whole world who are willing to love Me more than anythingmore than their husbands, wives, children, lands, possessions or reputations

“You will come across some tremendous challenges and spiritual attacks and battles; that I promise you. And things in the world, and the atmosphere around the world, will only get darker and worse with time. So it’s not that things will get easier; they won’t. The battles will be more violent and bloodier in spirit. So get ready.”



David’s Mighty Men

“If you feel you’re too old or your bad habits are too deeply ingrained to change at this point in life, just let go and let Me do it through the keys.”





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