Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies

My dearest loveliest brides, I look upon you all with so much love and kindness and endearment. You are the joys of My heart. This road we are walking together fills Me with hope because even though there have been many rough patches of despair, still you carry on.  You dare to believe even though many times you don’t understand and even though each step comes with so much effort. I know your desire is to please Me, and  I have promised to always be with you and provide for you. I set My table for you to join Me and sup with Me, and you look forward to that special time of being by My side. But to your surprise, you find that there are unsavory guests lurking around wanting to sit at the table with us, obviously intent on spoiling our time together.

Why do I set a table before you in the presence of your enemies? Why would I personally prepare our time together only to have your besetting sins, your enemies, present?  You don’t understand how this can be love. Oh, but it is. I seat you with ‘self’ so you can see and then learn what an unwelcome guest it is. Feed from My table of bounty and starve self. Show it that it is an unwelcome guest. I let you feast at My table so you can learn of Me and My ways; so you can learn to love. Earth is the place of pain, the place to learn to yield, the testing ground for submitting to My will for you over your own.  You grow through pain. You decide what path you will choose even though you have pain. Will you choose aright despite it? Will you endure? Will you  fight? The pain sets you apart as Mine, My very own. I love that you feast with Me but this time together is not only for love but is also to ready you for battle, My love. It should stir you to abhor the enemy in the camp and want to route him. That is a choice too. Will you just get filled and then be content and not do too much about it? Or will you get fighting mad at the enemy and go on the attack? I fill you at My table to ready you, for you to be warmed and filled but then excuse yourself, turn around with sword, shield, the keys of the kingdom and your host that is at your side and cut your demons down. I want you to show them the power you hold. I don’t want you to leave My table and go lie down and take a nap. I feed you to strengthen you, to arm you. I set My table before you, the hungry ones.

Call on the Keys of ‘desiring to desire’ your battles and realize the pain is part of it. But because you feasted with Me, you know why and you are filled with My seeds to go forth in My name, to be My beacon and share My love to others that will have more pain than you if you don’t forget yourself and reach out . Deny yourself beloved. Stir yourself. It is an honor to suffer for Me, not a punishment. So lift the hands that hang down, face the foe and be groomed for greater works than I did. I love you for holding on and for being the beautiful long-suffering bride that you are and for being willing to suffer ‘persecution’ at the hand of the enemy for My name’s sake. Look him straight in the eye and tell him that you have the keys and nothing can stand against the Keys to the Kingdom. He will stand down. Believe it. xxx

“This is simply the way: My way for you. Your enemy is, in this case, your friend.”



An Elegy

“No force of evil, no power of darkness, can have any hold on you when you are wielding the power of the keys in the strength of faith and the spirit of yieldedness!”





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