(Jesus:) So much of Earth life is to aid you in the next. What did you come to Earth to learn? Primarily to love, and to love Me above all. But more than that, you came to learn about My strong and passionate, go-the-distance love for you. When you trust in My love, then you can have a more fruitful and inspiring Heavenly life. Trusting in My love is a very big part of your life, now and forever. And having a chance for us to build up a solid foundation of love, one layer at a time, one experience at a time, is very beneficial in the next life.

Here we sit in our nest of love. You are nestled and cared for and provided for. Here I will protect you.

Keep the fires of our love burning and kindle them through our times of passion, and so will you ever be learning about the ways of loving the King. For there are many ways to do this. This is only one, yet a very needed way to love Me. It is needed because in loving Me, in rejoicing and in delighting to love with Me in very passionate ways, you are calling for the King of Love to take over the world. It is this love call that stirs Me to break through your veil and reveal Myself. It compels Me to come into your world, to take you away and to make you Mine. If there was no need for love, if none on Earth longed for the greatest Lover of all time to come and make her His bride, then what need would there be for Me to come?

 If the things of the world “did it” for you, if all the materialism and the lovers that this world uses to try to reach some sort of climax were sufficient, then why would I need to come and invite you to the greatest Marriage Feast of all?  I wait to hear the voices of My lovers calling me. Those who forsake the world are actually calling Me. Those who cling to the so-called satisfactions that this world tries to replicate don’t urge on My coming. Why must it be just at the right moment when I show up? Well, when does a man reach the moment of seed sowing and full passion? When He is aroused and has been loving for a little while. You can’t say it has to be at a certain second on the clock, but when both he and his bride are engaged in loving and have been going at it, and when the time is ripe in his body and mind and soul, then he “comes”. And so will I too come, when the love has reached a pinnacle, when you are loving Me all you can.

When My Bride is at swords’ points with the world and seems pinned in a corner, as the wicked ones try to work their vile way right into her, she screams out for a Lover who is yet invisible. It seems crazy to trust in such a one, rather than to yield to her worldly oppressors and give up and just become their slave for       violation. But as you, My Brides, call out for Me, I will come and slaughter all those who have been trying to violate your soul and whisk you up in My arms, up and away to the greatest feast.

Would I have come so soon—quickly—if those on Earth, if all those on Earth whom I was hoping would be My Bride, were flirting with the troublemaker, making deals and working out prices for the use of her body and soul, and not calling for Me to be the only one inside of her and to be her Mate for eternity? No. It’s when I hear both the cries of love and the cries for deliverance—a cry that wants none else but a Redeemer and Husband to both rescue her and love her again and again forever—that makes Me come quickly, as My Word says I will do. When I hear the cries of love from the redeemed hearts, cries of “Only Love”, that I am their Only True Love for eternity, this speeds on My return, for I don’t wish to make My Bride wait too much longer. Why would I? Why would I see My Bride craving and craving for Me and leave her unsatisfied? You must long for Me to come, and then you get to both see and feel Me in all the passionate ways you have been craving for. Your cravings and words of desire show up in My catalogue of “Joys to be fulfilled”. And I see that they are. I call on My Knights of the Kingdom to see to it that you get what you have been earnestly longing for. Yea, even your whims are tended to. For you have been faithful to the End–even when there was no other option but to wait for Your Lord and Redeemer. When there were no other options besides either waiting or giving in to the wicked world system, you chose to wait and to go without, to prove yourself faithful to Me.

Oh, My darling ones, with passion will I now come. You don’t want Me just to come, to come casually and to act rather cold towards you. You don’t want Me to just come in the heat of anger for the wickedness, but you want Me hot for your love and filled with great rejoicing. And so must it be that I hear your cries of longing, that I am your One true love. Then will My passions of longing for love be aroused, and come I will, in more ways than one.

This you know.

When I hear you longing for Me, then I am aroused to come. Let Me not feel the cold of your indifference, of your being otherwise satisfied. I want to be your only satisfaction. –“I and the children God gave me” I and My Host. When I come, it’s like Jacob returning again; this time with a Host and wealth and gifts. And how will you greet Me? I want to be kissed and embraced and loved. I want to be in your arms, not greeted with your “arms” (weapons) in opposition. I want a band of lovers to love Me and to love those on My team. We meld; we unite. We are one. Call for the Lovers of David to come and to carry you through to the Bridal suite. And there we will make passionate love, all the more so because we have been through the fires and the floods together.

Our love will reach heights of rejoicing you have yet to even know exist.

Call for Me, My beloveds. I am not far off. Rip off your veil, and entice Me to be one with you. I will not linger long when love is in the voice of those calling for Me to come, to return. For the passion of love will be yet even stronger than a man’s passionate desire to save and defend. A man’s longing to heroically save a maiden in distress is strong and can be stirred up. But His passion to love a maiden who calls out for Him and Him alone and longs for Him to come immediately to her is much stronger. Combine those, and you get a rapture! I’m coming. Do I hear your cries or just your sighs? And what cry would that be? Just a “Save me and make things nice for me.” or  “Do unto me as You wish, for I need You, Jesus and You alone, for my passion will not be quelled with any but You.” Call out in love, and you’ll see a new side of Me that you half-hoped would exist, yet scarcely dared to think it did. So it does, in fervor. I’ll come alright, and you will be Mine.

  Do you want the end to come? (September 03)

  “Focus on the keys and claim their power to increase your awareness of the spiritual realm. The keys will keep you firmly joined to My Spirit. The keys are your link to the full scope of My heavenly thought power.”

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