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From John

I am once again working  on a compilation on prayer, and the Lord permitted me to go through a very scary, life-and-death situation that could not be dealt with by fleshly means but only by prayer. I guess the Lord wanted me to start putting into practice what I have been studying.

My son was determined to put himself into extreme danger from which he would likely not return, and I knew that I couldn’t dissuade him from going. It was obvious that the only thing I could do was pray. I had thought that this kind of thing would only happen during the Great Tribulation. (Well, we’re already in it so I shouldn’t be so surprised). But I said “Lord, I’m not prepared for something this extreme.”  

So let me explain what happened. My son has a machine shop and so that he doesn’t have to get loans from a bank for machinery, he buys old machines, fixes them and brings them up to date in a process called retro-fitting. He has gotten very good at it, so sometimes he buys old machines and fixes them up just to resell. An old machine appeared on the internet that was being sold for one tenth its real value, and he wanted to buy it to resell. The only problem was that it was far away in a little town in the country in a place where the local miners were doing protests against the government. He passionately wanted to buy it as it was a once-in-a-lifetime deal. He contacted the seller and was told that he would have to wait a few days to go there to buy it because the protesters had blocked the roads. Then I remembered that on the news it said that the local miners didn’t want to block the roads but that an organized criminal group had control of that area and were forcing the local people to protest. Many areas in Colombia are controlled by different illegal mafia type groups. Some of them are communist, a few are on the far right and some have no political leanings at all but are just organized, armed, criminal groups. They all work the same. They get their money from cocaine production, illegal mining, extortion of the local people (demanding monthly payments), and kidnapping, demanding ransoms. Everyone in Colombia knows that you don’t go into an area that is controlled by one of these groups, but my son was determined to go.  

I asked the Lord what to do in prophecy and He said that my son was determined to go and that it would take a miracle to change his mind. Since my son’s national I.D. says that he is a foreigner and he has an American name, I knew that if he went there he would surely be kidnapped and even if these groups receive ransom money, they don’t return kidnapped people. My son-in-law went to visit him to try to convince him not to go, but I knew that I had to pray. I had received this prophecy: “Pray for his security. He is determined to go and you can’t stop him. I know you feel frustrated and really there is nothing you can do in the physical. You must continue to pray for his safety. The fervent effectual prayer of a righteous man availeth much. You are going to see more and more of this type of thing where you can’t do anything in the flesh and you are going to have to lean on Me in prayer. This situation was permitted by Me to force you to pray and to trust Me.” 

My son-in-law returned and said that he had explained to my son how dangerous it would be for him to go, but my son was stubborn and wouldn’t change his mind. I didn’t sleep much that night and prayed desperately for my son, as it was a life-and-death situation. The next day I called my son to ask if he would be there so I could come say good-bye before he left (knowing that I would probably never see him again) and he told me that he had decided not to go, that he would ask the seller to take the machine to the nearest big city and if he wasn’t willing to do that, then he wouldn’t buy it. I was so happy that the Lord did the miracle of changing his heart on the matter! Only the Lord could have done that as he is so stubborn. After the call I praised the Lord for the miracle. I didn’t think of praying for the Lord to change his mind; I was praying only for his safety, but the Lord took those prayers and answered them in His own way. Later in the day my son called me and said that he had called the seller and told him that he had decided not to buy the machine. A couple of days after that he called me again and told me that the seller called him again and in the conversation gave all the signs and indications that it had all been a scam to steal his money and he thanked me for saving him from the whole thing when actually all I had done was to pray. The whole experience impressed on me the importance of learning to use the new weapons now –that this is no game. 

“When you call on Me and My Name, Heaven goes into action. You are bound by Earth and its limitations, but through prayer it’s as if your voice jumps to a different frequency so that it rings out in the halls of Heaven and the spirit world.”


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