burning stubble


Jesus: What is your purpose? Your purpose is to stay faithful to the very end. Your job is to be a nobody so that I can use you to be an anybody. Your purpose is the Words of David and the gift of prophecy I have given –My new Words of David. This is what you are called to, to be the next one to carry on the Flame. Will you be the last? That depends on whether you stay faithful. Haha…  Do not look to the right or left. Stay on the straight course I have laid out for you. All you have to do is follow. Listen and follow. Be one of My new water bearers for this last generation. There will not be many who listen to you, and the days will at times seem meaningless, but I have asked you to carry this particular cross, so please, Love, bear it. I love you with an everlasting love; you are always Mine. I have put a portion of My Spirit within you, a portion of David. Do not forget it, and do not let the evil one steal this truth from you. Hold fast till I come, My precious Bride. The wilderness and the solitary place is your Home, your shelter in the time of storm, when the blast of the terrible one is upon the whole face of the Earth. Do not despise it. Cherish it, cultivate it, and make it to blossom as the rose. Sing your praises to Me, My Wilderness Love, and in your wilderness shall My living waters break out, and streams of My Word in thy desert. It is only for a time that you are here. I am hiding you from the face of the serpent, I am keeping you so that you may pour forth My new waters of David upon those who find this place. You are My new water bearers, along with anyone who chooses to go deeper than the outer layer of My Words. Pour now, My loves, for time itself is now well spent and soon to be gone forever. Soon it will be all over! Soon this World will die, and all the chaff and stubble will burn and die along with it. But you, the ransomed of the Lord, the faithful little people, My little Brides, will come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon your heads! You will escape this World and see it no more! You will finally receive your consolation and be at My side forever. All sorrow and sighing shall flee away. (End of prophecy)