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“You have done well to follow up to this point, but now we have a little homework for you to do before the storm arrives. It is peace-before-the-storm time. It feels eerie and unusually quiet, but don’t be fooled. Take a lesson from nature; it is almost always like that before a big storm hits. The birds stop singing, and the atmosphere takes on a peculiar shade, but the most outstanding pre-storm experience is the wind –it all but stops. It is as if nature is taking time to fill her lungs for the big blow. Never mind all the old guard soothsayers and peace prophets; they have missed an important ingredient in this Endtime mix…prophecy. They all thought what the prophet spoke of many years ago was set in stone…well, of course some is, but not all.

Prophecy is like the wooden spoon that the Master Cook uses to mix all the ingredients together in order to get an even mix. As He adds more ingredients He has to stir up the mix again, beat in a few eggs and add some vanilla to the flour base. With time and patience, everyone will get to see the finished product. It won’t be long now before the mix goes into the oven.

The old guard didn’t want the new way. They liked being spoon-fed by the prophet. They didn’t like the old mix being stirred up by the Master Chef, and so they have been left behind, far behind, and have become dull of hearing and complacent. Everyone has been well warned; every detail, every eventuality has been covered. “What if this were to happen? What if that were to happen? What if the single mountain range morphs into two or even three as you draw closer to the End? Those wise virgins kept these sayings in their hearts and are now well placed and well informed. They can see the storm. They are well aware of the change in the air and are doing all they can to be well placed. They have moved to higher ground, not only in spirit but in their physical preparations also.”

USED Jesus master chef

Jesus our…

Master Chef



“The physical is a representation of the spiritual. Just as this physical wave, this dark tsunami, washed upon many countries in Asia, so is the Enemy preparing and amassing his forces of darkness to wash upon many countries this year. Those who are alert and have moved in spirit to higher ground will be spared. Those who ignore the warnings will be washed away.” (2004 Indonesian Tsunami)


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