Jesus Speaking

Praying is humbling yourself before Me and others, and asking Me to do what you can’t do. It’s forgetting yourself and your own problems, battles, afflictions, and difficulties, and thinking about others. It’s saying, “I can’t, Lord, but You can!” and then watching Me do the impossible.

Praying is getting down on your hands and knees and beseeching Me. It’s thinking of nothing else but that person or situation you’re praying for. It’s focusing and hitting the target. Praying is a selfless act that immediately gives you bonuses in Heaven, and signs you up for extra blessings for the present and rewards for eternity.

Praying is fighting to defeat the Enemy and all of his demons who seek to attack, hinder and cause My brides harm. It’s also a vehicle for wielding and using the keys, for activating the greatest power in the universe, and creating a direct link between Heaven and Earth.

Praying is a sacrificial, tiring, and often thankless job, but not one prayer is ever wasted. Thank you, My loves, for giving your all to your greatest duty and calling, the one that will reap dividends forever.


“Praying is forsaking your pride, your carnality, and leaving the realm of the flesh behind.”


Fields of airyn

“God will give grace, glory, endurance, faith and power. No good thing will He withhold from them who hold the keys of the Kingdom in their hands.”





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