Noticer of the little things

It’s good to pray at the start of the day to be a good looker and watcher, to see what is pointed out to you during the day—things that will make a difference and catch a problem before it becomes one. But if something gets by and a hurt occurs from something that you weren’t aware of, well praise the Lord for the maturity it does bring. Little hurts have a way of teaching. So these can be useful tools at times to get you to think more soberly.

But pray to be on the right channel, and more good can come and fewer accidents. For example, if we try to bring to your attention to pick up a nail on the ground, that’s easier for us than to have to constantly keep all your feet off of that nail all day, day after day. Just a little pick-up of something in a moment of being in tune, can make our job easier and your day safer too. Of course the Lord could just delete or transform that nail; that can happen too. But this is a lesson on praying to notice, so things can go as easy as possible, and faster progress in the right direction can be made today. (Spirit Helper speaking)


“Praying is humbling yourself before Me and others, and asking Me to do what you can’t do.”


the happy end

“When you’re living together, having all things in common, and activating the keys of unity, I will open doors for you and supply all of your needs.”





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