It’s Everyone’s Job…Acts 2:17,18

“As I go at your pace, and as each person strives to pull down more and more Heavenly messages, your faith will be increased and your vision will be broadened. My messages and revelations for each one will open up new truths to each individual, and the faith of each one will be increased more and more–and thus begins a wonderful cycle of pulling down My seeds in faith, and My giving and honoring your faith with fuller and weightier messages from beyond to guide each one individually from My Heavenly realm. And you will not be able to stop up this flow–nor will you have any desire to. For all those who love My Words will seek to know more truth, and will hunger after the meat of My Spirit that I so desire to give you.”


Personal prophecy:

(Jesus:) “The Keys were made for a purpose. They were given to you for a reason, and that reason is to open doors that no man can shut and loose the power and spiritual wealth of Heaven in these days and in the days and years to come. When I gave you the keys, I gave you access to ALL, everything! These keys were not given solely for this Endtime. No, they were given to you because this physical world is almost done. The age of the Spirit is about to begin. The Era of Reality is dawning, and the keys were given so that you might have free passage through this New Land that all of earth will soon find itself in. Don’t you see? I gave you the Keys now, My brides, to better prepare and equip you for not just what’s going to happen in the next few years, but even more importantly, for what’s going to take place after that. Things will really start moving when we begin the Millennium and all the tasks involved in ruling the world.  Even the Millennium is not where it ends; even the New Earth and Heaven is not the finish.  What I mean here when I say, *“My messages and revelations for each one will open up new truths to each individual…” is that each Key Wielder has a certain set of Keys, a personal set that I’ve made just for them and have laid out before them like a treasure hunt. It’s a personal, individual, custom-made set just for them. I’ve made it specifically for them -to help them in their walk with Me and to help them get through all the things that they will be faced with. So as you go along by faith, seeking and discovering more, these keys will be given to you, one by one, as personal revelations and understandings. For example, when you go through a battle and come out victorious, you’ve gained a key. You know how that battle works and you know, through experience, where the keyhole is. You’ve gained understanding of that particular battle and now possess the key to it.”


Video: Matthew 24

“No fiery dart of the Enemy can counter the true happiness and joy of My Spirit, so when he attacks, strike him back with praise and the keys of overcoming and he will flee.”


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