MB: Now my last observation whilst thinking and praying about this subject is from a MO letter where Dad talks about the Sea of Blue Glass that surrounds the Celestial City. This is the excerpt that came to mind.


THE CRYSTAL BLUE GLOBE WAS LIKE THE HEAVENLY SEA OF GLASS! (Rev.4:6) It’s hard for me to judge what size it could be, because I don’t have anything to relate it to. But all of a sudden it came to me, “That’s the Sea of Glass!” If that is the Sea of Glass, then it has to be so big that when you’re standing on it, it looks almost flat! Think of that! (2,000 miles in diameter!)

IT’S THE CRYSTAL SEA OF GLASS! I never dreamed that it was spherical! Maybe we’re going to be inside the ball and the sea is the inner surface, like walking around inside of a globe. That was it! You know, everytime I had a vision of the Crystal Sea–it’s been several times, and also in Space City–remember, I said I saw that row of thrones, a long curved row of thrones that disappeared off into the distance.

I THOUGHT IT WAS A BIG ROOM, remember? I said it was so gigantic, but how could a room ever be that big? There were thrones as far as you could see! That could have been inside of that ball! That’s what that was!–And if that ball is that big–I mean miles big, miles big!

IT MUST TAKE UP AN AWFUL LOT OF ROOM if that crystal-blue spherical Sea of Glass is part of Space City or Space City is inside of it! Well, if it’s going to come down from Heaven to the Earth (Rev.21:1) it’s got to be able to travel, so how’s it going to travel?

 SO SPACE CITY MUST BE INSIDE OF THAT BLUE BALL, THE WHOLE THING! Could you possibly put anything pyramidal in shape inside of a sphere? Yes, if it was an equilateral-triangular pyramid you could put the base of the pyramid at a plane of the sphere so the four basic corners would touch the globe and the apex touch it above.

THEN I SAW IT, INSIDE THE SEA OF GLASS, THIS BIG GOLDEN PYRAMID, the four corners touching the sides of the crystal-blue sphere below the equator of the Sea, and then the top right at the vertical axis of the Sea! (Spaceship! [#0624])

 Wedding Feast

“AND OUT OF THE THRONE PROCEEDED LIGHTNINGS & THUNDERINGS & VOICES: & there were seven lamps of fire burning before the Throne, which are the Seven Spirits of God. And before the Throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: & in the midst of the Throne, & round about the Throne were Four Beasts full of eyes before & behind!

“AND I SAW ANOTHER SIGN IN HEAVEN, GREAT & MARVELLOUS, SEVEN ANGELS HAVING THE SEVEN LAST PLAGUES; for in them is filled up the Wrath of God! And I saw as it were a Sea of Glass mingled with fire: & them that had gotten the victory over the Beast (the Antichrist), & over his Image, & over his Mark, & over the number of his name, stand on the Sea of Glass, having the harps of God!

“AND THE ANGEL WHICH I SAW STAND UPON THE SEA & UPON THE EARTH LIFTED UP HIS HAND TO HEAVEN, & sware by Him that liveth for ever & ever, Who created Heaven, & the things that therein are, & the Earth, & the things that therein are, & the sea, & the things which are therein, that there should be Time no more, but that the Mystery of God is finished, as He hath declared to His servants the Prophets!” (Rev. 10:5-7) (Wedding Feast!, The [#2252])

 Victory in Babylon

Jesus did much of His day-to-day shepherding of the Universe from within the magnificent but “homey” chambers of His Royal Palace, at the very top of Space City! However, there were special occasions when the Lord held Court in the vast arena under the Heavenly City! The City’s great Golden Pyramid was enclosed within an enormous blue-crystal globe, described in the Bible as the “sea of glass”. (See Rev.4:6; 21:18.) The bottom of this sparkling blue globe formed a natural bowl-shaped amphitheater, where these Heavenly Court Sessions took place! (Victory in Babylon 04)

MB: Now that paragraph reminded me of the Judgement Seat of Christ. When and where does it happen?

“THE JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST” (2Corinthians 5:10)

AT THIS TIME WE’LL NOT ONLY GO UP & MEET THE LORD & ENJOY THE WONDERFUL MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB, BUT WE’LL ALSO FACE THE JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST, in which all the Christians who have ever lived will be judged & rewarded for their successes & their obediences, or chastised & condemned for their failures, & then enter into the particular places that God has seen fit for them to occupy in His Kingdom on Earth over the surviving unsaved people who will remain here for a thousand-year period known as the Millennium. (For details on the Millennium, see the Chapter of this book devoted entirely to this period.)

JESUS SAID, “BEHOLD, I COME QUICKLY; & MY REWARD IS WITH ME, TO GIVE EVERY MAN ACCORDING AS HIS WORK SHALL BE.” (Rev.22:12) Every saved Christian will be rewarded at the Throne of Christ according to his works. Now don’t get this judgement & rewarding of the Christians, the born-again, the saved, mixed up with the great final judgement of the unsaved, which is an entirely different occasion at an entirely different time! The judgement of the unsaved dead takes place a thousand years later, after the Millennium, when they are all raised to meet God at the Great White Throne Judgement described in the 20th Chapter of Revelation, which we will cover shortly.

BUT WE WHO ARE RESURRECTED & RAISED & RAPTURED TO BE WITH THE LORD AT THE END OF THE TRIBULATION IN THE FIRST RESURRECTION, we’ll get our rewards right away up in Heaven at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!–There will be a great feast & a great ceremony & God will pass out the gifts, the presents, the rewards to all of those who loved & served Him!–Isn’t that wonderful? That’s going to be better than Christmas!–When Jesus passes out the presents to all the children who’ve been good!

“FOR WE SHALL ALL STAND BEFORE THE JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST. Every one of us shall give account of himself to God. For we must all appear before the Judgement Seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.” (Rom.14:10,12) When Jesus sits on His Judgement Throne, He’s going to pass out the prizes & the surprises & the rewards.–Or in some cases, maybe no rewards. (Marriage Supper of the Lamb!, The [#1617])


WELL, THE WORD HAS FINALLY COME WITH A GREAT SHOUT THAT THIS IS OUR WEDDING DAY! We are being summoned to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Christ Jesus, our Lord & Saviour & Bridegroom forever! So we are prepared as His Bride in beautiful white robes of linen that scintillate like robes of light! We stream out of our mansions throughout this entire great City from its greatest heights to its widest breadths, flying & swarming like bees out of a hive as we descend from our various levels of our homes throughout this immense building, 1500 miles high & 1500 miles square!–Pyramid-shaped & so large that its walls alone have a capacity of over 500 billion inhabitants! And it’s not nearly full yet, because there are many many more coming in the beautiful, wonderful ages yet to come!

THANK GOD WE’RE ABLE TO FLY, because elevators & escalators could not possibly accommodate us! We are told now that there will not even be room for the giant spaceships which were once called “flying saucers” on Earth, neither the small, individual gondolas for a family & small groups. We must all fly to this great, gigantic General Assembly in the bowl-shaped amphitheatre of the blue Crystal Sea beneath the City itself in the bottom of this beautiful blue crystal sphere which completely surrounds our gigantic city!

THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE LARGE ENOUGH in which we can all assemble around the Throne of the Lord for the very most important meetings of all in this General Assembly of the Saints, this huge Throne Room in what is like the basement of the City!

THE SMALL THRONE room at the apex of the City which we described before, is only for very small assemblies such as Council Meetings of the 24 Elders & the Archangels & receptions, such as small groups of newcomers of only a few hundred.

BUT NOW THIS MEETING MUST ACCOMMODATE LITERALLY MILLIONS upon millions of both Saints & Angels–hundreds of millions of Angels, as well as billions of Saints! The only place here sufficient to accommodate such an immense crowd is here on the Crystal Sea beneath the very foundations of our Heavenly City, this huge, bowl-shaped portion of the bottom of the blue Crystal Ball which protects our great City above, & from which we can see through the transparent sphere & have the best possible view of the Earth below!

AS YOU REMEMBER, THE CITY’S BASE IS KEPT TOWARD THE EARTH to help protect it from Man’s wicked devices & satellites & missiles, etc., which bounce off of our sphere like grains of sand & are totally useless in any attack upon this, our gigantic heavenly spaceship, the Mothership of our tremendous heavenly Family!

SO WE’RE ALL EXCITED & THRILLED & EXPECTANT & WONDERING, JUST LIKE A BRIDE, about what our Great Bridegroom has in store for us at this first General Assembly of all His Saints up to this time, & what thrills & excitement & ecstasies that He has in store for us at this great formal, official Wedding Celebration & Feast for His Saints!

SO WE ALL FLOW SMOOTHLY DOWN TOWARD THE VARIOUS GATES OF THE CITY as gracefully & beautifully & peacefully as we can, so well organized by our leaders, Saints & Angels, & flow through the Gates in seemingly endless streams out into the beautiful crystal blue sphere outside, then swooping down beneath the base of the City to this huge, bowl-shaped auditorium! This is where another Throne of the Lord Himself stands, surrounded by the gigantic creatures who represent His power, & His mighty Angels & the 24 special Elders, the representatives of all His Saints surrounding His Throne & the Holy Family in the center of it all! It’s a virtual theater-in-the-round with a circular stage in the middle surrounded by miles & miles of a bowl-shaped amphitheatre for the best possible view by all!

THIS HEAVENLY BOWL–NOT “HOLLYWOOD BOWL” BUT HEAVENLY BOWL–is so huge that in the bottom of it you are hundreds of miles below the base of the City itself! We all stand here on this marvelous concave crystal blue sea waiting to see what is going to happen next! I could not but wonder how in the World we were ever going to see the Lord, much less hear Him, considering the tremendous distances here all around, hundreds & hundreds of miles of sea covered by millions & millions of Saints! But I was soon to find out, thank the Lord! (Wedding Feast!, The [#2252])

MB: So it would seem from reading all of this that it would not be stretching things too far to imagine that at the Rapture we go straight to the Heavenly Bowl and not into the City itself. So everyone that is saved is invited to the Judgement Seat of Christ and Marriage Supper, and all the rewards and judgments are passed out and then everyone is whisked away to their place of continued learning. As for those that this article is about; well, there are, as we know, huge spacecraft that could be used to transport them into the center of the Earth through the North or South Pole portals —that’s where you find that “outer darkness” that surrounds the “Sanctuary”  . And there they will be given time to rethink their lives on Earth.  

Journey to Tricon

“But what exactly is Lambda One?” I asked. “It’s one of the greatest cargo and personnel carriers in the fleet,” he answered. “A ship?” I asked, clearly puzzled as to the nature of the vehicle about to appear.

“You know, a transporter!” he said, “To take us to the City!”

“But … but…” I stammered at the thought of how great this mysterious vehicle called Lambda One must be. Could it really take on board an entire herd of horses, plus a great number of people? The idea staggered my imagination. Yet to Jamal this was simply an accepted part of life, much like catching a bus or something. But this vehicle didn’t sound like any bus I knew. What could this transporter be like?

“Here it comes!” Jamal called down excitedly to his mother. “Get ready! It’s almost here!”

“Lambda is quite some ship,” I said, getting back to our discussion. “The name Lambda sort of sounds like ‘lamb,’ and like a good little sheep, it knew who its real Master was and would not follow another. Is that how it got its name?” I asked.

“Lambda is a symbol from angelic script. Later it became used by the Greeks in their alphabet and is the equivalent of the twelveth letter of your alphabet, the letter ‘L’.” Then as an afterthought, he added, “and it’s also the Lord’s initial!”

“The Lord seems to like the number 12!” I commented. “There are 12 months of the year, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 City gates, 12 disciples.”

“Yes, and,” Jamal continued, “Lambda was the last ship built of the original 12 ships of the Lord’s great exploration fleet. It’s certainly one of the most adaptable ships there is. It can translate to and operate in nearly any dimension of creation. It’s very user-friendly. Angels can operate it using the spiritual controls, but even a physical person could fly it using its physical controls. It can respond to telepathic as well as spoken commands. It’s extremely versatile.”

Like a schoolboy fascinated with airplanes, Jamal seemed to know all the details about this ship.

“How big is it?” I asked.

“In what measuring system?” he asked.

“Miles or kilometers is fine for me,” I said.

He thought for a moment as he converted numbers in his head. “Down in temporal space they usually scale this ship to be roughly the same proportions as God gave Noah for the ark. Only this ship is much bigger. It’s about 150 miles long, 25 miles wide, and 15 miles high at the thickest part of its midsection. The top is curved and tapers down to about one mile thick, which again narrows into this outer rim where we are. However, the measurements are not absolute, as the ship stretches and flexes.” Jamal was amazing with math and measurements. He was amazing at almost anything.

“You mean this ship can even change its size and shape?” I asked in surprise.

“Sure!” he replied. “It’s basically a living spiritual light form, so it’s able to adapt much more easily than something made entirely of physical material.” (Journey to Tricon [#004])

MB: This idea is not so different to what we are now experiencing here on Earth. Before choosing to come to Earth we were asked if we wanted to come to Earth to learn a few lessons that could not be learned in Heaven. As it tells us in the Warrior Band prophecy, some of our band decided to come to Earth and some decided to stay in Heaven. It was pointed out to us that the best place to learn the lessons we wanted to learn was on Earth. That’s why we decided to come here. Well, what if you were approached during the Marriage supper and it was pointed out that… “You didn’t score too well on Earth during your years there. So what do you think of going to Paradise for some time in order to do some catch-up classes?” Some people will be asked, but some may not be asked but simply told they will need to spend some time there. You haven’t lost your Salvation. Your home is still Heaven, but you just have to go away for some time to take some more classes. It really would seem like God’s mercy on some very recalcitrant people. They won’t go to Hell; it is after all paradise and almost like Heaven. That really shows how merciful and loving God is.

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  Rehab Before Heaven?

We are taught in the MO letter “The Helmet” that salvation cannot be lost. Yet there are those, even of our own brethren, that have turned their hearts away from Jesus and belief in God. They are eternally saved. So will they get to enter the Heavenly City at the Rapture? Or is there another place set aside where they are given an opportunity to find repentance?  Rehab Before Heaven (September 10)

  The Little Horn

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Here we have a reading of the MO letter “Snowman” #195 with a few surprises and perhaps a new revelation or two about who, at least initially, may not make it into the Heavenly City. David is still with us, of course, directing his own writings, dreams and visions. So listen up because many of his dreams are only now reaching their final fulfillment. Snowman (September 09)


  “There is nothing more important to your life and service to Me than taking time with Me. Claim the power of the keys of resolve and urgency as you read, absorb, and study My Word. Your spiritual life depends on it.”        


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