words from heaven stored up for us



There are many things I have not revealed to the many who love Me, many other Christians, but I am going to reveal them to you, My children of David. This is something that is reserved for you, and only you, through prophecy, through listening to Me, and through hearing My whispers.”



Personal prophecy:

Jesus: “For you have been given the heritage of your Father, you have had the wisdom of Heaven in great abundance, so much so, that some of you, My children, have become familiar with it. Do you really believe Me when I say that you, the children of David, are the only ones who have this privilege? Do you really see the vast wealth laid up for you? Do you see how, compared to your spiritual wealth and insight, the rest of the World are paupers? Yes, I have reserved this for My beloved children of David, for they have been trained in these matters. They have had their faith grown by the Letters of David and have passed that hump of belief. Those Children of David who have kept going in spirit, kept holding onto Me and My words even through this seeming downfall, those are the ones whom I have reserved this Revealing for. Those who are doers of My Word and not hearers only; those who are pure in heart, who no longer have a hankering for this rotten pit of a world. Those faithful, sincere brides who have chosen to follow Me—these be the Children of your Father. For who is My mother? Who is My brother?…those who do the will of God.”





April 2022


Stand in the Gap (Updated)



March 2022


Intercessor Prayer


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