Prophecy bites

“The clock is ticking, and you are moving along on My schedule, My time piece. So just keep in step with Me and all these little strings and bows, steps and leaps will fall in place just nicely. You are putting your house in order, tying all the loose ends in preparation for the dark days ahead; you are operating on My Roman 8:28 keys…All things will come together for good, according to the keys of Romans 8:28. These are powerful keys of faith and trust; they are My      all-things keys, multi-purpose and forever trustworthy. So lean on them, activate them in any situation, and you will see them hold true every single time. They are connected intimately to My will, they always sync with My will as they are all about My will. When you yield to My will, all things work together for your good. Look at the number 8-2-8…everlasting to everlasting.”

(Eight is a symbol of infinity and a constant flow of energy and power.)

keys are our wilderness

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 “Jesus, The Keys and The Word are our vital companions in these last days.”



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